Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Death with Christ is Historic

“As a Christian, do you believe in the death of Christ? Of course 
you do. But the same Holy scripture that says He died for us
says also that we died with Him.
'Christ died for us'--Romans 5:8  That statement is clear
'Our old man was crucified with Him'--Romans 6:6
'We died with Christ'--Romans 6:8
We can say reverently but accurately, “I was crucified when
Christ was crucified.” No, you have never felt it. You believe
it because the Word of God tells you so. It does not depend
on your feelings.
You have died! You are done with! You are ruled out! The self
you loath is on the cross with Christ. And ‘He that is dead is 
freed from sin.’ Romans 6:7 AV. This is the Gospel for the
Christians.”  Watchman Nee
Dear Reader, munch on this. I will do likewise. It was only
the last few years that this scripture was unpacked for me
and I am still trying to get my head and my heart around it.
It is changing me. I am not a sinner but a Saint who sometimes
sins.  Stick with me on this journey.

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