Friday, April 27, 2012

Faith Speaks

“The point of the past couple of week is that there is practical
 value in the stand of faith that says:

‘God has put me in Christ and therefore all that is true of Him
is true of me. I will abide in Him.’ 
Satan is always trying to get us out, to keep us out, to convince us 
that we are out of sync with God, and by temptations, failures, suffering, 
trial, to make us feel acutely that we are outside of Christ. Our first 
thought is that, if we were in Christ, we should not be in this state,
 and therefore, judging by the feelings we have now, we must be out of Him. 
God’s injunction is to ‘abide’ in Christ, and that is the way of deliverance. 
Why? Because it opens the way for God to take a hand in our lives and 
to work the thing out in us. It makes room for the operation of His superior 
power--the power of the resurrection (Rom 6:4,9,10)--so that the facts 
of our daily experience, and where before ‘sin reigned’ (Rom 5:21)
 we now make the joyful discovery that we are truly ‘no longer...
in bondage to sin.’ (Rom 6:6).
If we stand steadfastly in Christ, we find that He becomes experientially true
in our lives. If instead we come on the basis of what we are in ourselves we 
find all that is true of our old nature remaining true in us. So often we go to the
wrong place to find the death of self. It is in Christ. We have only to look within
to find we are very much alive to sin; but when we look to Him who dwells 
within us, Christ, then God sees to it that even though death is working, 
newness of life is ours also. We are ‘alive unto God.’ (Rom 6:4,11)”
Watchman Nee from the Normal Christian Life

Well, dear reader, there is only one post left for this series on what 
it means for us to be in Christ and how to walk out of who we 
truly are. So few preach on it today and the concepts may sound
strange to you.  But more on this next week.

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