Monday, April 16, 2012

The First Step: Knowing This...

“Knowing is not an intellectual knowledge at all, but an opening
of the eyes of the heart to see what we have in Christ. 
See Ephesians 1:17. The written Word has to become a living 
word to your heart that something is true. Forgiveness
 of sins is in the Bible, but it does not benefit you until a light 
shines into your inner being and you are wholly persuaded 
of the fact as truth. What is true of the forgiveness of your sins 
is no less true of your deliverance from sin. Once the light of God 
dawns upon the heart, you can see yourself in Christ.
It is not because someone quoted Romans 6:6 to you, but 
you know it because God has revealed it to you by His Spirit.” 
Watchman Nee

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