Wednesday, January 20, 2016

She Laughed

Peter was always out front, seemed to anger easily, but he
also responded with truth even when he didn't realize it!
Five years after his faithless reaction to a sleeping Jesus,
and 24 hours after my last post, we find Peter sleeping--
in a very strange place. James had just been executed for
his faith in Acts 12. It so pleased the Jews that Herod had
Peter picked up and thrown into prison. What was Peter
doing on the night of his death? He wasn't praying as he
lay there in chains surrounded by soldiers. He was
sleeping.  Yes, you read that right. He was sleeping. The
angel had to strike Peter on his side to wake him up! Peter
had so learned to trust God that anxiety and fear were not
there in the cell with him. This story has always amazed

Some years ago I read the biographical story of a woman
who was leaving Singapore and caught at the airport with
drugs in her suitcase. Someone 'nice' had planted them. She
was thrown into prison and it took a very dedicated attorney
to get her released. What struck me was that this woman not
only slept well on the concrete floor surrounded by female
prisoners, but she laughed in her sleep! The women would
ask her why she laughed, but she didn't know.

Reader, it is easy to say 'I'm trusting God,' but when I toss
and turn all night imagining the worst, it is a dead giveaway!

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