Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Winter Psalm

Psalm 62 was first presented to me back in college, as a
winter psalm. It certainly is a bright spot on a cold foggy
day--which is the norm these days in Idaho! The
Psalmist is experiencing extreme persecution and feels
like a 'leaning wall, a battered fence.' He is feeling
'feeble.' Hmm, when did you see that word before?

David shares his heart in verse five:

'My Soul, wait thou only upon God, 
for my expectation is from him.
He only is my rock, my salvation,
He is my defense,
I shall not be greatly moved.'

I chose to use the King James version because it
expresses some things that are not present in other

WAIT: to be astonished, to stop, cease, hold peace,
quiet self, rest, stand still, tarry, be brought to silence.

ONLY: Surely, certainly

EXPECTATION: Bind together by twisting, to be
intertwined, that which I long for

MOVED: Waver, shake, slip, fall, be cast down

ROCK: A refuge, the edge of a precipice, mighty God,
strength, strong

My Soul, wait, (quiet self, rest, stand still, hold your
peace), on God alone. My expectation is from Him,
(intertwined with Him,) that is what I long for. He
only is my rock and my defense (that place of refuge
high above, secure and mine alone) I will not be
moved (slip, shake, be cast down.)

Dearest reader, be intertwined with your God--
        tarry, wait for Him
May May His purposes be your purposes. It is
        called surrender.
In Him is your sure defense and protection. Then
        you shall not be moved, lose heart, or fall away.

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