Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We have entered into the 'season of joy.' It is a
season of generosity, celebration, candles, trees,
chocolate, eggnog, music and parties. It is a
season of great expectation in the natural that
frequently ends up flat with disappointment.

What is Christmas about anyway? Oh, you know
the story, but have you ever taken the time to
ponder what happened to our world when light
split the darkness and changed it forever? The
Creator took on flesh and became one of us.
Knowable, touchable. Religion was not born
2,000 years ago; intimacy, relationship arrived
in a very small package. Mary caressed the face
of God. This woman experienced the closeness
and joy of all the interactions every mom
experiences with her ever changing baby.

Dear reader, intimacy is available to you! Jesus
is not a religion. He became flesh so that you can
know Him, up close and personal. He enjoys
watching you and He loves to lavish you with

The extravagance of our God is breathtaking!

Joy to the world the Lord has come... 

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