Tuesday, December 29, 2015


For me the days between Christmas and the New Year
are a between time. The mad rush of shopping and
parties are over. Family has returned home. The
New Year has not yet begun. It is a quiet time
pregnant with possibilities. I catch up. There are letters
to write, turkey soup to make, friends to call, and time
to walk. With temps in the teens, and six inches of
snow on the ground, walks are shorter than usual. We
took the path less traveled today and I discovered new

During this week I spend more time sitting with my
Bible letting God speak to me regarding the coming
year. He usually gives me scripture or a few words to
ponder. This week I have come across three words
over and over:

Steadfast Love

Love and Faithfulness feel warm and fuzzy. I like those
words. But the word "suffering" seems prickly like
the seed of a Puncture Vine. Suffering and a loving God
don't go together in our minds, do they? I wonder how
a sovereign God views these words? Think about it.
Love and Faithfulness became a Man and died on a

I have a feeling we will revisit this topic in the coming
year--here on the blog and personally...

In the quiet of this week, ponder this with me.

Happy New Year, reader!

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