Monday, December 14, 2015

Wake Up!

Reader, in our journey through First Corinthians 15,
we read, 'For, as in Adam all die...but wait! 'In 
Christ shall all be made alive.' Paul keeps churning
out verses, each pregnant with depth and awe. Hope
grows, crashes, grows again:

'Then the end comes.'
He must reign until he has put all enemies under 
        his feet.
The last enemy to be destroyed is death'


"If the dead are not raised, 'let us eat and drink for 
tomorrow we die.'"

Paul is building the concept that it is resurrection
and only resurrection that gives us hope. No wonder
in this Christmas season we perceive such a sense of
despair. Anyone who really looks at the brevity of
life, the fragility of our bodies, has to eat, drink, and
buy, in order to survive.

WAKE UP!  Reality is not necessarily what you think
it is...

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