Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life from Death

Paul says:

'What you sow does not come to life unless it

What does he mean?

A long time ago I read a book by a Chinese
believer entitled, The Seed must die. His son
had been killed by the Japanese and his sorrow
was so great it felt like death. In that sense he
died also. As he worked through his pain he
came to the place of forgiving the man who
had killed his son. Corrie Ten Boom was able
to reach out and shake the hand of a man who
had been responsible for the death of family
members, who was now a brother in Christ.
Jesus says,

'Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it
abides alone, but if it dies it bears much fruit.
Jn 12:24

Believe it or not, it suddenly came to me that there
is no resurrection unless there is first death.

Reader, are there situations in your life that feel
like death? Expectations that have crashed?
Promises that have died? Friends who have
betrayed you? I can identify with each of these.
We have a choice, we can either surrender our
loss and pain to God--fall into the ground and
die--or we can become bitter and abide alone.

What happens to the seed that dies?

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