Friday, December 30, 2011

Walking in the flesh

I have a perfect example of what happens to me when I try to do it right in my own strength. Today Glen and I were out shopping and he was doing something differently from the way I would have handled it.  While I am waiting for him I am saying to myself:
 "I will not mention this."
"I don't need to say anything."
"It is so silly. I won't say anything."
Well, he did something else that was not to my liking and I protested.  Everything I had decided not to say came out. It was at this point that I realized how the whole situation was out of my control. Not once did I turn to Papa and say that I was over my head and would He help me. It was such a little thing.

I think that God orchestrated the whole drama to let me see myself and just how silly I can be.  I love it!  He is so down to earth with us.  We take ourselves far too seriously.  And, it makes a good story for my blog!

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