Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of 2011

I sit here before the computer with nothing to write.  I think my brain has gone into overload as i go over the events of 2011. Nationally, globally, personally, it has been quite a year! Then I peer into the year 2012 and it is an empty page holding the promise of more challenges but also the sweet experiences that brighten our days. Fortunately we live out all our days one moment at a time; that is all we have. We cannot go back and re-write the past; the future is yet to come.  
Papa, I thank you for this past year with all of its joys, sorrows, victories, and yes, failures. All has been an invitation to trust You and to find You faithful. One of the small things I have especially appreciated is how You have helped me find things that I have misplaced. How is it that the God who takes care of the Universe and everything in it, cares enough about me to show me where I have put something? I love it!


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