Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That Holy night, shepherds are out in the field watching over their sheep. I can picture it:  A fire, above which hangs the coffee pot; stars twinkling against a velvet dark sky; shepherds lying around the fire on the hard ground thinking about so many little things such as the sheep that keep wandering, the mortgage and their lack of money, the sick child at home, fractured relationships, the tax that hasn’t been paid. Suddenly the darkness is made incredibly bright by an angel saying to them the most outlandish things! I sit here and imagine their thoughts: 
A baby has just been born?  
He is lying in a manger wrapped in rags?  
This baby is a Savior, Christ the Lord? 
It is a cause for joy, for rejoicing all over the world?  
And if that is not enough suddenly the sky is filed with thousands of angels all singing about the baby. Wow! Just when you least expect it, all heaven comes down.
Father, Jesus is my joy NOW. No matter what the season, He is joy! Joy dwells in me. May this joy bubble up and out to others who dwell on this planet at this time, those whose hearts are failing them with fear about so many things. 
Yes, “Joy to the world the Lord has come!”
Two Choices of a great carol!

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