Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A High Goal

Till we all come...unto the measure of the stature of the 
fulness of Christ. Ephesians 4:13

Rehabilitation means the putting back of the whole human 
race into the relationship God designed it to be in, and this 
is what Jesus Christ did in Redemption. The church ceases 
to be a spiritual society when it is on the lookout for the de-
velopment of its own organization. The rehabilitation of the 
human race on Jesus Christ's plan means the realization of 
Jesus Christ in corporate life as well as in individual life. 
Jesus Christ sent apostles and teachers for this purpose--
that the corporate Personality might be realized. We are not
here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy spirit-
tual retirement; we are here so to realize Jesus Christ that 
the Body of Christ may be built up.

Am I building up the Body of Christ, or am I looking for 
my own personal development only? The essential thing 
is my personal relationship to Jesus Christ--
"That I may know Him."
To fulfill God's design means entire abandonment to Him.
Whenever I want things for myself, the relationship is dis-
torted. It will be a big humiliation to realize that I have 
not been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ, but only 
about realizing what He has done for me.

My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace,
Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

Am I measuring my life by this standard or by anything
less?  Oswald Chambers

Reader, I can't help thinking that the modern church is
all about blessings and what He has done for us. Surely
this will not carry us when persecutions and tribulation
come. We must know Him. Do I? Do you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.
Isaiah 6:1

Our soul's history with God is frequently the history of
the "passing of the hero." Over and over again God has
to remove our friends in order to bring Himself in their
place, and that is where we faint and fail and get dis-
couraged. Take it personally: In the year that the one
who stood to me for all that God was, died--I gave up
everything? I became ill? I got disheartened? or--I
saw the Lord?

My vision of God depends upon the state of my charac-
ter. Character determines revelation. Before I can say,
"I saw the Lord," there must be something correspond-
ing to God in my character. Until I am born again and
begin to see the Kingdom of God, I see along the line
of my prejudices only; I need the surgical operation of
external events and an internal purification.

It must be God first, God second, and God third, until
the life is faced steadily with God, and no one else is
of any account whatever. "In all the world there is none
but thee, my God, there is none but thee."

Keep paying the price. Let God see that you are willing
to live up to the vision. Oswald Chambers 1874-1917

Reader, I get far more out of these posts than you do!!!

Ten things you never heard about Oswald Chambers
Oswald Chambers
His biography--not very long

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Commit to Him Your Plans

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans
will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Seek entirely to depend on God for everything. Put
yourself and your work into His hands. When think-
ing of any new undertaking, ask, "Is this agreeable
to the mind of God? Is it for His glory?"

If it is not for His glory, it is not for our good, and
you must have nothing to do with it. Mind that!
Having settled that a certain course is for the glory
of God, begin it in His name, and continue it to the

Undertake it in prayer and faith, and never give up!
Pray, pray, pray, pray! Do not regard iniquity in
your heart. If you do, the Lord will not hear you.
Keep that before you always. Then trust in God.
Depend on only God. Wait on Him. Believe on
Him. Expect great things from Him. Faint not if
the blessing tarries. Pray, pray, pray!

And, above all, rely only upon the merits of our
ever-adorable Lord and Savior, that, according to
His infinite merits, and not your own, the prayers
you offer and the work you do, will be accepted.
George Mueller  1805-1898--was active in the
Plymouth Brethren movement but most widely
known for his work in establishing orphanages
which were run totally on faith. He concluded
his last worldwide mission tour at the age of 87.

Reader, what a great encouragement to check in
with God about both going into something new
and  whether or not it is to continue. This man
had great faith. His bio is posted below. Wow!
So challenging...
Not what you might think.

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Supernatural Transfusion

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live;
yet not I, but Christ liveth in me...
Galatians 2:20

The true Christian life, which begins with a super-
natural transition, consists and continues in a 
supernatural transfusion.

The very life and nature of Christ are transfused
into the innermost being of the Christian believer
by the Holy Spirit. Thus our Savior's word is ful-
filled: "Because I live, ye shall live also." John
14:19. Paul not only says, "I live, yet not I;" he
goes on to say, "but Christ liveth in me." There
is not only transition; there is transfusion. This is 
the most precious sacred secret of the Christian 
life. The man of the world neither understands it 
nor even suspects it. Yet oh, how real it is to our 
Lord's own!

Now just because of this supernatural transfu-
sion, the New Testament ideal for our Christian
life is that there will be within us a continual
displacement of the old self-life, and an ever-
clearer enthronement of the new Christ-life. 
All of us, by nature, are ego-centric, self-cen-
tered; but we are meant to become Christ-
centered. Christ is to be the new life within 
our life; the new mind within our mind; the 
new will within our will; the new love within 
our love; the new Person within our personality... 

The whole of our consciousness is meant to 
be penetrated with the consciousness of His 
indwelling life and mind and will and love, 
even as the air in Summer is transfused with 
J Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999) is a prolific 
author on the Christian life. His books in-
Awake My Heart and Explore the Book.

Reader, I have never heard of this man so I
looked him up and found a wonderful bio-
graphy. I think you will enjoy looking over
the ups and downs of his life. He lived out
what he preached.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Power Through Weakness

That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weak-
nesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions,
in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am
strong.  2 Corinthians 12:10

The literal translation of this verse adds a startling
emphasis to it, allowing it to speak for itself with
power we have probably never realized. It is as
follows: "Therefore I take pleasure in being with-
out strength, being insulted, experiencing emergen-
cies, and being chased and forced into a corner for
Christ's sake; for when I am without strength, I 
am dynamite.

The secret of knowing God's complete sufficiency
is in coming to the end of everything in ourselves
and our circumstances.  Once we reach this point,
we will stop seeking sympathy, because we will
recognize these things as the necessary conditions
for blessings. We will then turn from our circum-
stances to God, realizing they are the evidence of
Him working in our lives. AB Simpson 1844-1919

Reader, what if we posted this on our refrigerators,
bathroom mirrors, or the dash of the car? "When I
am without strength, I am dynamite!" What if I
really believed it? At the very least I would smile
more; laugh more easily. So, I challenge all my
readers to seriously consider the verse above.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

More on Solitude

God has made me a lonely person...I was always
a solitary soul, thinking more for, than with
people:  but it is good to be more alone--most
good, if it be more alone with Christ. What a
place that is!  John Darby

A little bird I am,
Shut from the fields of air;
And in my cage I sit and sing
To Him who placed me there;
Well pleased a prisoner to be,
Because, my God, it pleases Thee.
Jeanne Guyon  1648-1717

Reader, there will come a day when loneliness,
being misunderstood, rejection, will pass away
forever. There is a day coming when we will see
Him face to face. In the meantime He has said,
"I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Madame Guyon found herself in hot water from
an early age with both her mother-in-law and
the Catholic Church. Guyon was married off at
age fifteen by her parents. She was widowed at
age 28 having born five children, two of which
survived childhood.  She was imprisoned in
France because the Catholic Church thought her
teachings to be heretical. Guyon believed that sal-
vation is by grace alone and that it is possible to
pray without ceasing. Very radical!

Monday, July 9, 2018


Thou shall hide them in the secret of thy presence.  
Psalm 31:20

All our best experiences come when we are alone
with God. There are sorrows which we can endure
in no other place. Grief is of many kinds, but all 
grief that is really terrible and heart-crushing sends
us into speechless solitude to weep it out upon the
heart of God.

There are temptations which can be overcome only
when alone with Him. The fight with the adversary 
is a solitary combat after all. And there are deep joys
that can come into us only when alone with God, the
joy of feeling Christ's personal love, the joy of find-
ing His strength made perfect in our weakness, the
joy of bringing our empty vessels to the Divine full-
ness of His grace, waiting till he fills them, and see-
ing them overflow...

We need deep communion with Christ if we are to get 
it at all. There is no part of a tree so invisible as its 
roots: but none more essential to its growth and fruit-
fulness: and just as the visible condition of the tree is 
an unfailing index of what the unseen roots are doing, 
our visible lives will soon tell whether or not our invi-
sible roots are going deep: for dryness below ground 
soon means deadness above ground.
G H Knight

Reader, many of you know what it is like to be alone;
who may even now be feeling deeply lonely. May you
be enabled to enter into the "secret of thy presence."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thy Way, Not Mine

Pray for us...that the Lord thy God may show 
us the way wherein we may walk, and the thing
that we may do.  Jeremiah 42:2,3

Thy way, not mine, O Lord,
However dark it be!
Lead me by Thine own hand.
Choose out the path for me.

Smooth let it be or rough,
It will be still the best;
Winding or straight, it leads
Right downward to Thy rest

I dare not choose my lot;
I would not if I might;
Choose Thou for me, my God,
So shall I walk aright.

Take Thou my cup, and it
With joy or sorrow fill,
As best to Thee may seem;
Choose Thou my good or ill:

Choose Thou for me my friends,
My sickness or my health;
Choose Thou my cares for me,
My poverty or wealth.

Not mine, not mine the choice,
In things or great or small;
Be Thou my strength,
My wisdom and my all.
Horatius Bonar  1808-89

Reader, our lives are made up of boredom, excite-
ment, "suddenlies," and hard work in between. I
just finished a whirl-wind week of family where
12-20 gathered at the table each day--then the si-
lence of just two. It is good to go back to scripture,
back to Jeremiah, and be reminded that God has
the script. He wants us to trust Him all our days.
He plans delightful surprises on the way:

Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude
of the heavenly host praising God...Luke 2:13

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, 
and with the trump of God: and the dead in 
Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive 
and remain shall be caught up together with 
them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: 
and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Where-
fore comfort one another with these words.
I Thessalonians 4:16-18