Friday, February 16, 2018

Never Alone

Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on You and
in Your Name we have come...  2 Chronicles 14:11

"We rest on Thee" our Shield and our Defender!
   We go not forth alone against the foe;
Strong in Thy strength, safe in Thy keeping tender,
   "We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go."

Yea, "in Thy Name," O Captain of salvation!
   In Thy dear Name, all other names above;
Jesus our Righteousness, our sure Foundation,
   Our Prince of glory and our King of love.

"We go" in faith, our own great weakness feeling,
   And needing more each day Thy grace to know:
Yet from our hearts a song of triumph pealing;
   "We rest on Thee, and in Thy name we go."

"We rest on Thee"--our Shield and our Defender!
   Thine is the battle, Thine shall be the praise
When passing through the gates of pearly splendor,
   Victors--we rest with Thee, through endless days.
Edith G Cherry

Reader, many of you are heavily burdened and feeling
alone. My heart is troubled by the intensity of change--
a never before swiftness that leaves me breathless. I
came across this hymn, one I sang with  such feeling
when in college, where I was facing previously un-
known challenges.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Eyes Have Seen You

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. 
Job 42:5

Do let us realize, dear friends, that there is a great difference
between knowing God by hearing and knowing Him by see-
ing. Job confessed that his knowledge of God in the past had
come by hearing; which is to say, that it had been indirect,
and informational in character and therefore not been inti-
mate, personal and experiential enough. It had been more
a mental than a spiritual knowledge. Such a knowledge is en-
tirely inadequate, since it puffs up a person instead of bring-
ing him low. Knowing God only by hearing makes one into
a somebody, but knowing Him by seeing reduces one to a no-
body. And this was trulyJob's experience. Through the Lord's
painful dealings, he has at last seen God.Through the Lord's
affliction he has come into a very close and personal encoun-
ter with Him. Stephen Kaung

Reader, I hit bottom when the stress in my life was so great
that the dormant Lyme disease became a game changer. I sat
in my recliner and re-read mysteries because my brain had
turned to mush. I did very little in the way of ministry for the
next five years. (But in that death like experience the website
and blog were birthed) During those years my faith went
from my brain and into my heart.
You can read my story here:
The Crucible of Lyme Disease

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Prophecy In The News

The past ten days or so many things have been in the news
from different parts of the world. For those of us who are
looking for the Lord's coming, events in the Middle East
are certainly heating up. Syria has within its borders: Iran,
Turkey and Russia. The areas surrounding Damascus have
been hit in recent weeks by rockets from Israel. The city is
only 35 miles from the Golan Heights, Israel's border, and
Iran is arming the southern area of Syria but particularly the
areas around and within Damascus. This city is mentioned
many times in scripture beginning with Genesis 14:15. It is
the oldest continuing city in the world. Isaiah 17: 1 says this:

The oracle concerning Damascus. Behold, Damascus 
is about to be removed from being a city, and it will 
become a fallen ruin.

Last Saturday a Drone was sent into Israel from deep in
Syria. Israel took it out and then sent four F-16's to bomb
airstrips, and weapons etc in specific areas that they had
been watching. One of the F-16's was shot down, but the
pilots ejected over Israel and are recovering in a hospital.

Are we seeing events leading up to the Ezekiel 38 war
when nations will come into Israel for its destruction but
God will intervene? It is not my purpose to go into detail,
but I will highlight some of the verses from the beginning
of Ez 38.

Behold, I am against you....And I will turn you about, 
and put hooks in your jaws, and I will bring you out...
many peoples with you...In the latter years you will 
come into the land...of unwalled villages, whose inhabi-
tants have been gathered from many nations...

Consider that these nations--Persia (Iran), Gog, Magog
(Russia and perhaps Central Asia), Tubal, (Turkey),
Ethiopia (Sudan) and Put (Libya)--in this chapter are
currently in the Middle East or in North Africa. Sudan
has recently invited Russia in to help them; Russia is
still very involved in Syria. Ezekiel 38 is coming alive
for something in the near future. Hours, days, months,

If you watch only the regular news channels in the US,
you will miss a lot of what is taking place in other parts
of the world. The world does not circle around memos!
Here are three sites with videos on You Tube to give you
a perspective of what is going on not just in this country
but especially in the Middle East with Israel at the center.

The first one is a report from an Israeli who lives just
15 miles from where the F-16 came down. Amir Tsarfati
is a Messianic Jew who looks at the news and then looks
at scripture. His informative update came out on
Saturday.  Start at 4 minutes

The second report was given on Sunday by JD Farag who
is a Christian Palestinian and a Pastor in Hawaii. (So, you
see, we have a balanced report!) Start at 2 min.

The third report was posted on Sunday also and it is given
by a lawyer, John Haller, and is an hour long--of course--
but he covers some misconceptions about the indictments
and a few other things locally and towards the end of the
video, he gets into the Middle East.

(These videos had from 20,000 to 40,000 hits in the first
48 hours.)

But when these things begin to take place, 
straighten up and lift up your heads, 
because your redemption is drawing near.
Luke 21:28

Hallelujah! Come, Lord Jesus

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Comfort My People

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.
Isaiah 40:1

God comforts us not to make us comfortable but to 
make us comforters. John Henry Jowett

The world is full of hurting and comfortless hearts.
The training for those who would comfort is afflic-
tion and hardship. It may not be obvious at first
glance but our pain can bring hope to others.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all
Comfort; who comforts us in all our affliction so
that we may be able to comfort those who are in
any affliction...   2 Corinthians 1:3, 4

Reader, true comfort is hard to find. People want to
fix you! Job had something to say to his friends:

"...Sorry comforters are you all. Is there no limit 
to windy words?" Job 16:2, 2

The problem with Job's friends was two fold:  First
they did not know God and secondly they had not

Lord, deliver me from such 'comfort.' But, also take
what I have learned through suffering and make it a
balm to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Twist

For God so loved the world that He gave His only be-
gotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should 
not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Reader, this was one of the first verses that I memor-
ized and is perhaps one of the best known verses in
the Bible. But recently we bought another New Testa-
ment that has translated each verse using the exact
Greek. It took 22 scholars 20 years to get to the point
of publication. Below I have jotted down the message
given in Greek for John 3:16.  I was shocked at what
I read:

Because, God has Loved in such a manner Satan's
world, so that He Gave His Son, the Only Begotten
Risen Christ, in order that whoever is Continuously
by his choice Committing for the Result and Pur-
pose of Him, should not perish, but definitely should 
by his choice, be continuously Having Eternal Life.
(Committing means in the Greek, putting your entire
being under the orders of another.)

Continuously by Choice, committing...for the purpose
of Him? Should not perish? By choice be continuously
having Eternal Life?

So, I would add to the verse at the top--Whosoever
continuously believes by choice should not perish
but have--now--eternal life.

There is only One who is Eternal and that is Jesus--He
has no beginning and no ending. When we by choice
ask Him to dwell within us we are put into Him who is
eternal and so we have now eternal life.
Us in Christ;
Christ in us.

As I study the verse from The Pure Word Bible I realize
that faith, trust and action are ongoing for the one who
believes, truly believes that Jesus is the Way, the Truth
and the Life. A Life of faith is an active life.

The Website for The Pure Word

A funny thing happened with Friday's post. The word
'slavery' appeared in the title. So far I have had 107 hits
from the Russian Web Crawlers. Sad to say that the
crawlers do not read the text.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Slavery To Righteousness

Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in
slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wicked-
ness, so now offer them in slavery to righteous-
ness leading to holiness. Romans 6:19

It is ourselves that God wants. No gift of money,
time, service, or talents will meet the yearning of
His heart for ourselves. For God is love, and love
would above all things have the heart. Thus surren-
der is a transaction between Redeemer and re-
deemed, and whatsoever falls short of the sacred
gift of a yielded heart falls short of all. 

Even the heart of the poorest and most degraded 
shrinks from money when it needs love. How much
more so with the Lover of our souls. Silver and 
gold, time and talents, ministry, and service, are
acceptable to God as an accompaniment of surren-
der, but never as an evasion of it.

There are those who will give wealth, time and 
effort, but how in their secret hearts have never
yielded themselves to God. When in the silence
and secrecy of their own communion which God, 
this issue rises before them, they tremble and 
grow pale, and shrink back from this definite trans-
action with God. And yet if God is to be all to us, 
we must yield all to Him. James McConkey

Reader, here in the west we are busy to the point where
it is hard to stop and commune with a friend. Even now
I have a list of friends from Christmas that I need to
contact by phone. Our Lord wants our love, our atten-
tion to Himself more than He wants our service. He
wants our service to be an overflow of relationship an
outflow of surrender. The men and women of the 19th
century understood how surrender, trust and time,were
intertwined into their Christian walk.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Unable To Do Good

That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which
is born of the Spirit is Spirit. John 3:6

Too often we believers have a serious misconception--
imagining that while salvation comes to us freely, vic-
tory depends on ourselves. We know we cannot add
any merit or work of ours to obtain salvation. We
must simply come to the cross and accept the Lord
Jesus as our Savior. This is the gospel! We realize we
cannot be saved by works, yet we reason that for 
sanctification we must do good works after we are
saved. This is to say that though you cannot be saved
by works, you need to depend on works for victory.

Let me tell you that just as you are not saved by works, 
so you do not overcome by works. God has declared
that you are unable to do good. Christ has died for you 
on the cross, and He is now living for you within. That
which is flesh is flesh, and God rejects all that came
from it. Nevertheless, we usually surmise that while 
salvation is dependent upon the substitutionary death
of Christ on the cross, we should think of doing good,
should do good, and expect to do good for victory in 
our lives. 
Let us realize, though, that we can do NO good.
Victory is freely given us by God.
Watchman Nee 

Reader, this message does not resonate with the world,
or even with many churches. The Super Bowl ads were
full of 'how much we can achieve,' and 'we can be any-
thing we want to be,' ad nauseum. But God says in the
scriptures that we cannot please God by doing good
things in our own strength, but only as we walk in the
Spirit, letting Him live through us. Many of my blogs
say this in one way or another. I keep reading what pre-
vious Saints have said, what Scripture says, and then I
write it out for us to ponder.