Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Was Afraid

Offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought
forth from death to life. Romans 6:13

One night I went to hear a sermon on consecration. 
Nothing special came to me from the message, but as
the preacher knelt to pray, he said, 'O Lord, You know
we can trust the Man who died for us.' That was my
message. As I rose from my knees and walked down
the street to catch the train, I deeply pondered all that
consecration would mean to my life. I was afraid as
I considered the personal cost, and suddenly above the 
noise of the street traffic, came this message: 'You can
trust the Man who died for you.' I boarded the train,
and asI traveled toward home, I thought of the chan-
ges, sacrifices, and disappointments that consecration 
might mean in my life--and I was still afraid.

Upon arriving home, I went straight to my room, fell
on my knees, and saw my life pass before my eyes. I
was a Christian, an officer in the church, and a Sunday
School superintendent, but I had never yielded my life
to God with a definite act of my will. Yet as I thought
of my own 'precious' plans that might be thwarted, my
beloved hopes to be surrendered, and my chosen pro-
session that I might have abandon--I was afraid.

I completely failed to see the better things God had 
for me, so my soul was running from Him. And then 
for the last time, with a swift force of convicting power 
to my inmost heart, came that searching message; 'My 
child, you can trust the Man who died for you. If you
cannot trust Him, then whom can you trust?' Finally
that settled it for me, for in a flash of light I realized
that the Man who loved me enough to die for me could 
be absolutely trusted with the total concerns the life 
He had saved.

Dear friend, you can trust the Man who died for you.
You can trust Him to thwart each plan that should be
stopped and to complete each one that results in His
greatest glory and your highest good. You can trust 
Him to lead you down the path that is the very best in 
the world for you.  JHM

Reader, how many of you are afraid to find out what
God's will is for you, just like this writer? It is often a
very difficult place and fear often makes it difficult to
hear Him. I pray for you today that you will be able
'to trust the Man who died for you.'

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


With skillful hands he led them. Psalm 78:72

When you are unsure which course to take, totally sub-
mit your own judgment to that of the Spirit of God, ask-
ing Him to shut every door except the right one. But 
meanwhile keep moving ahead and consider the absence 
of a direct indication from God to be the evidence of His 
will that you are on His path. And as you continue down
the long road, you will find that He has gone before you,
locking doors you otherwise would have been inclined
to enter. You can be sure that somewhere beyond the 
locked doors is one He has left unlocked. And when you 
open it and walk through, you will find yourself face to 
face with turn in the river of opportunity--one that is 
broader and deeper than anything you ever dared to ima-
gine, even in your wildest dreams. So set sail on it, be-
cause it flows to the open sea. 

God often guides us through our circumstances. One mo-
ment, our way may seem totally blocked, but then suddenly 
some seemingly trivial incident occurs, appearing as no-
thing to others but speaking volumes to the keen eye of faith. 
And sometimes these events are repeated in various ways in 
response to our prayers. They are certainly not haphazard 
results of chance but are God opening up the way we should 
walk, by directing our circumstances. And they begin to mul-
tiply as we advance toward our goal, just as the lights of a 
city seem to increase  as we speed toward it while traveling 
at night.  FB Meyer

Reader, I have noticed that the question of 'where do I go
now?' is a huge one in the Christian's life. Over the years I
have discovered that God does not let me head in the wrong
direction for very long before He initiates a course correc-
tion. It comes when I am moving  forward according to the
light I have currently. During the years I had Lyme Disease
and was so tired of sitting in a chair and reading mystery
stories which I could not remember after finishing the book,
God closed almost every door I tried to open. It was not the
season for activity as He still had things to teach me, like the
word, 'wait.' Toward the end of that journey I decided to put
up a website and blog. That was six years ago and so far He
has not allowed me to give it up!

I have posted my story, The Crucible of Lyme Disease below.

Monday, October 16, 2017


It can be a wilderness, it can be a pathway to God.
Elisabeth Elliot

I am looking at loneliness today because I believe
that we are the loneliest generation due to two things:
Technology and business. I recently read a book on
loneliness by Elisabeth Elliot. I want to share it.

Elisabeth Elliot was the wife of Jim Elliot who was
murdered by the Aucca Indians in January 1956.
Elisabeth had waited five years before Jim realized
he had not been given the 'gift' of singleness! They
were only married 27 months before his death which
also left behind a 10 month old daughter.

Here are some of her pithy comments on loneliness:

'Loneliness is a kind of death. The loneliness of widow
hood was an exit from the comforts and consolations
of having a husband, and an entrance into the strange
world of having to make unilateral decisions again.'

'One of the surprises in store for most brides and 
grooms is that they are still lonely. Marriage teaches 
us that even the most intimate human companionship 
cannot satisfy the deepest places the heart. Our hearts 
are lonely till they are resting in Him who made us for 

'Loneliness comes over us sometimes as a sudden tide.
It is one of the terms of our humanness, and, in a sense,
therefore, incurable. Yet, I have found peace in my lone-
liest times not through acceptance of the situation, but
through making it an offering to God, who can trans-
form it into something for the good of others.'

'Loneliness is a gift that we can offer back to God.'

Reader, most of you will not remember the slaughter of
five men who desired to enter a tribe in Equador in order
to share the Gospel, but it was huge news in 1956. As
a result, many young men and women prepared to go in-
to unreached places with the Good News of Eternal Life.
Elisabeth continued to work in that area and had the
privilege of going into that tribe with her five year old
daughter. Amazing love!

I was able to purchase, Loneliness, by Elisabeth Elliot
from Amazon for under $3. She was married three times
and was widowed twice. Here is her biography.

I would also recommend a movie, End of the Spear, that
was made about Steve Saint who spent much time with
those who killed his dad and discovered why they were
killed. I was not able to stream it but it is available as a

The love of Christ can conquer that which man cannot
even imagine!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Father's Business

Did you not know that I must be
about my Father's business?
Luke 2:49

     Think about your own circumstances.
     Are you so closely identified with the
Lord's life that you are simply a child of God,
     continually talking to Him and realizing
that everything comes from His hands? Is the
eternal child in you living in His Father's house?
Oswald Chambers

Reader, do you find yourself commenting to Him
concerning the things that give you pleasure, joy,
life?  He desires our relationship, our company.
Sometimes I go for hours without thinking about
the One who loves me most and who wants to be
involved in all areas of my life. Do you realize
that we will be face to face with Him through all

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Storehouses

Have you entered the storehouses...which I reserve for
times of trouble?  Job 38:22-23

Our trials are great opportunities, but all too often we
simply see them as large obstacles. If only we would
recognize every difficult situation as something God has 
chosen to prove His love to us, each obstacle would then
become a place of sheltering rest, and a demonstration
to others of His inexpressible power. If we would look
for the signs of His glorious handiwork, then every 
cloud would indeed become rainbow, and every difficult
mountain path would become one of ascension, transfor-
mation, and glorification. 

If we would look at our past, most of us would realize
that the times we endured the greatest stress and felt that 
every path was blocked were the very times our heavenly 
Father chose to do the kindest things for us and bestow 
His richest blessings.

God's most beautiful jewels are often delivered in rough
packages by very difficult people, but within the package
we will find the very treasures of the King's palace and 
the Bridegroom's love. A B Simpson

Reader, everything I pick up these days from those who
lived, worked, suffered long ago, have almost the same
message. We are all living in very trying times and just
going to church once a week, and saying a quick prayer,
is not cutting it...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Cross in Prayer

At that day you shall ask in My Name. John 16:26

We are too much given to thinking of the Cross as some-
thing we have to get through; we get through it only in
order to get into it. The Cross stands for one thing only
for us--a complete and entire and absolute identification
with the Lord Jesus Christ, and there is nothing in which
this identification is realized more than prayer. 

'Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before 
you ask Him.' Then why ask? The idea of prayer is not in 
order get answers from God; prayer is perfect and complete 
oneness with God. If we pray because we want answers, we 
will get huffed with God. The answers come every time, but 
not always in the way we expect, and spiritual huff shows a 
refusal to identify ourselves with our Lord in prayer; we are 
here to be living monuments of God's grace.

'I say not that I will pray the Father for you: for the Father 
Himself loveth you.' Have you reached such an intimacy with 
God that the Lord Jesus Christ's life of prayer is the only ex-
planation of your life of prayer? Has our Lord's vicarious life 
become your vital life? 'At that day' you will be so identified 
with Jesus that there will be no distinction.

When prayer seems to be unanswered, beware of trying to fix 
the blame on someone else. That is always a snare of Satan. 
You will find there is a reason which is a deep instruction to 
you, not to anyone else. Oswald Chambers

Reader, I am always challenged by Oswald Chambers. His
messages are from God's perspective, not mine.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Whirlwind and the Storm

His way is in the whirlwind and the storm.  Nah 1:3

I remember when I was a young person attending school
in the vicinity of Mt Pleasant. One day I sat on the side
of the mountain and watched a storm as it moved through
the valley. The skies were filled with darkness, and thun-
der began to shake the earth. It seemed as though the lush
landscape were completely changed, and its beauty gone
forever. But the storm passed quickly and soon moved 
out of the valley. 

If I had sat in the same place the following day and said,
'Where is that intense storm and all its terrible darkness?'
the grass would have said, 'Part of it is in me.' The beauti-
ful daisy would have said, 'Part of it is in me.' And all
other flowers, fruits, and everything that grows in the
ground would have said, 'Part of the storm has produced
radiance in me.'

Have you ever asked the Lord to make you like Him? 
Have you ever desired the fruit of the Spirit and prayed 
for sweetness, gentleness, love? If so, then never fear the 
fierce storms that even now may be blowing through your 
life. Storms bring blessings, and rich fruit will be harves-
ted later. Henry Ward Beecher

Reader, it seems that storms flow through our lives on a
daily basis these days. The news we read seems to impact
us on some level. Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, floods,
droughts are not 'over there.' Then there are the storms
that personally impact us. I know that my life has moved
into a new level of intensity. It is so important that we
take time each day to get quiet and seek Him through His
Word. He has much to say to us in these difficult times
but we have to stop and pay attention to that quiet Voice.
God is asking us to come into a new place of trust.

'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in
trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be
removed, and though the mountains be carried into the
midst of the sea...BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM
GOD: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be 
exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us; the
God of Jacob is our refuge.  Ps 46

Friday, October 6, 2017

Test Me In This

Test me in this...and see if I will not throw open the flood-
gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you
will not have room enough for it. Mal 3:10

Here is what God is saying in this verse: "My dear child,
I still have floodgates in heaven, and they are still in my
service. The locks open as easily as before, and the 
hinges have not grown rusty. In fact, I would rather, throw 
them open to pour out the blessings than hold them back. 
I opened them for Moses, and the sea parted. I opened them 
for Joshua, and the Jordan River was stopped. I opened 
them for Gideon, and the armies of the enemy fled. And I 
will open them for you--if you will only let Me.

"On my side of the floodgates, heaven is still the same rich 
storehouse as always. The fountains and streams will over-
flow and the treasure-rooms are still bursting with gifts. 
The need is not on My side but on yours. I am waiting for 
you to 'test Me in this.' But you must first meet the condi-
tion I have set to 'bring the whole tithe into the store-
house,' and thereby give me the opportunity to act.' 

I will never forget my mother's concise paraphrase of this
verse. The actual Bible verse begins with the words, 'Bring 
the whole tithe in to the storehouse' and ends with, 'I will...
pour out so much blessing that,' in effect, 'you will be 
embarrassed over your lack of space to receive it.' But 
my mother's paraphrase was this:
'Give all He asks and take all He promises.'
Samuel Dickey Gordon

Reader, with all of the 'blab it and grab it' we see today it
makes it difficult to receive what God wants to give to us.
At least for me. But, He is a generous God. Jesus said this:

'...give at it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed
down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your 
lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured 
back to you.' Luke 6:38

Paul says this:
...He that sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and 
he which sows bountifully shall also reap bountifully...
for  God loves a cheerful (hilarious) giver.' 2 Cor 9:6,7

As I was growing up we went to Chautuaqua summers and
the man who introduced the offering said that the word
'cheerful' meant, 'hilarious' in the Greek!  It made me want
to give lavishly.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Unmitigated Disaster?

And all things that are written by the prophets concer-
ning the Son of Man shall be accomplished...And they 
understood none of these things. Luke 18:31,34

God called Jesus Christ to what seemed unmitigated disaster. 
Jesus Christ called His disciples to see Him put to death; He 
led every one of them to the place where their hearts were 
broken. Jesus Christ's life was an absolute failure from man's 
standpoint but was a tremendous triumph from God's, be-
cause God's purpose is never man's purpose.

There comes the baffling call of God in our lives also. The call 
of God can never be stated explicitly; it is implicit. The call of 
God is like the call of the sea, no one hears but the one who 
has the nature of the sea in him. It cannot be stated definitely 
what the call of God is to, because His call is to be in comrade-
ship with Himself for His own purposes, and the test is to be-
lieve that God knows what He is after. The things that happen 
do not happen by chance, they happen entirely in the decree 
of God. God is working out His purposes. 

If we are in communion with God and recognize that He is take-
ing us into His purposes, we shall no longer try to find out what 
His purposes are. As we go on in the Christian life it gets simp-
ler, because we are less inclined to say--"Now why did God allow 
this or that?" Behind the whole thing lies the compelling of God. 
"There's a divinity that shapes our ends." A Christian is one who 
trusts the wits and the wisdom of God, and not his own wits. If 
we have a purpose of our own, it destroys the simplicity and the 
leisureliness which ought to characterize the children of God. 
Oswald Chambers

Reader, take this one in and ponder it. "If we do not have a pur-
pose regarding our own in life we enter into a simplicity and a
leisureliness that is supposed to characterize the children of
God." This was written long before our modern day when even
those who are Christians are constantly moving, never resting,
and feeling like they are getting nowhere and looking at nothing
but failure. We are constantly looking to the purpose instead of
the God of purpose. It even pursues us into old age!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Long Haul

Then they believed his promises and sang his praise.
But they soon forgot what he had done and did not
wait for his counsel. In the desert they gave in to 
their craving; in the wasteland they put God to the
test. So he gave them what they asked for, but sent
a wasting disease upon them. Ps 106:12-15

In Hebrews 11:27, we read that Moses 'persevered be-
cause he saw him who is invisible.' Yet in the above 
passage, exactly the opposite was true of the Children 
of Israel. They persevered only when their circumstan-
ces were favorable, because they were primarily influ-
enced by whatever appealed to their senses, instead of 
trusting in the invisible and eternal God.

Even today we have people who live an inconsistent
Christian life because they have become preoccupied
with things that are external. Therefore they focus on
their circumstances rather than focusing on their God. 
And God desires that we grow in our ability to see Him 
in everything and to realize the importance of seem-
ingly insignificant circumstances if they are used to deli-
ver a message from Him.

We read to the children of Israel, 'Then they believed his 
promises.' They did not believe until after they saw--'
once they saw Him work, 'then they believed.They una-
bashedly doubted God when they came to the Red Sea, 
but when He opened the way and led them across and 
they saw Pharaoh and his army drowned--'then they be-
lieved.' The Israelites continued to live this kind of up-
and-down existence, because their faith was dependent 
on their circumstances. And this is certainly not the kind 
of faith God wants us to have.

The world says that 'seeing is believing,' but God wants 
us to believe in order to see. The psalmist said, 'I would 
have despaired unless I had believed that I would see 
the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.'  
Ps 27:13

Do you believe in God only when your circumstances are 
favorable, or do you believe God no matter wha your 
circumstances may be?  C.H.P.

Reader, many of you are going through deep waters right
now and I pray that this will encourage you to trust God.
He not only knows your name but He knows what causes
you distress.

When I was doing visits to a care center with my dog, I
came across a new resident who was not adjusting very
well. She asked me to find a verse in the Bible. I was able
to locate it on a card at home and brought it to her the next
visit. Actually, God has placed this phrase in both

Be strong and of good courage. fear not, nor be afraid 
of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with 
thee; he will not fail thee nor forsake thee. 
De 31:6 KJV

..."I will never leave you nor forsake you..." 
Heb 13:5 ESV--check out the whole verse!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Brave Comradeship of God

Then He took unto Him the twelve
Luke 18:31

The bravery of God in trusting us! You say--'But He
has been unwise to choose me, because there is noth-
ing in me; I am not of value.' That is why He chose
you. As long as you think there is something in you,
He cannot choose you because you have ends of your
own to serve; but if you have let Him bring you to
the end of your self-sufficiency then He can choose
you to go with Him to Jerusalem, and that will mean
the fulfillment of purposes which He does not dis-
cuss with you.  Oswald Chambers

Reader, it is so very easy to fall into feeling that, either
God needs you very much, or God needs you not at all!
However, knowing that there is nothing in me but self,
does indeed free me from expecting myself to perform.
It is Christ in me that it is hope of glory!

PS My computer took an unexpected bath and needed
four days of rice bedrest. It appears to be working fine.
Unbelievable! Thank you, Father.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

God's Compelling Purpose

He...said to them, "Behold, we 
are going to Jerusalem..." 
Luke 18:31

Seeking to do "the will of the Father" was the one domin-
ating concern throughout our Lord's life. And Whatever He 
encountered along the way, whether joy or sorrow, success 
or failure, He was never deterred from that purpose. 
Oswald Chambers

Reader, we in the west have a skewed understanding of God's
will. We are so used to entertainment, free time, full bellies,
uninterrupted sleep, that anything to the contrary cannot pos-
sibly be God's will. The Christians in China have to take
Prison Theology 101 as part of their journey. We heard one
testimony recently where a man spent two months in prison
and in that time all 5,000 prisoners heard the Gospel. He did
this by singing during exercise time and was joined by his sec-
tion. The music carried to the next section where the song was
learned and also sung and so it went. The guards were not able
to silence him completely. At the end of the
Cultural Revolution it was estimated that there were 800,000
Christians in China. Now there are one hundred million. Not
only that but since the Tianamen Square incident where thou-
sands of protesting students were killed, the college students
are coming to Christ in droves. They realize that there is no
hope in changing the political system, that there must be
something more, something outside of themselves to die for.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Anxiety, Worry, Doubt, Fear

And which of you by being anxious can add a single 
cubit to his life's span. Matt 6:27

Anxiety, worry, doubt, and fear! The worry list presented 
by most is nearly endless and usually includes relation-
ships, personal responsibilities, children, finance, the 
future, job security, health. These are indeed things for 
which you are responsible; it is your job to see them 
through. Now imagine you can step back, and examine 
the worried, anxious you sitting in a chair. How would 
you describe yourself at your worst moments? Very likely 
you feel stupid, worthless, weak, angry, condemning and 
like a failure and a liar. As you contemplate your weakness 
and all that you must do, how do you feel? If with all your 
responsibilities  you are full of such weakness, how can 
you be filled with joyful expectation? You must perform,
but you know your limitations and so you worry over the 

Now imagine that sitting in the chair next to you is another 
person, Jesus. How would you describe Him? His eyes are 
filled with compassion. The warmth of His countenance, 
accompanied by His strength and confidence, is stirring. 
His empty hands are held open; of course there is nothing 
in them, for you have given Him nothing. Your powerful 
Lord sits there inactive, resting, waiting, doing nothing.

The weak you seated in the chair is exhausted, because in 
all your frailty you had attempted to push uphill a wheel-
barrow filled with all your cares. Within just a few short 
feet you had given up, angry that those you trust had not 
come to your aid.

The point is that the source of your anxiety and fear is trust-
ing a weak self. Do you see why you need Jesus? You were 
not created to carry all the concerns of life; you were crea-
ted to be dependent. You cannot fly, and neither can you 
carry anxiety. The only One Who can--Jesus--must carry 
the anxiety of every person. But how can He carry what He 
has not been given? Ps 46:10 is clear: "Cease striving and 
know that I am God," or literally, get your hands off. Why 
do you keep your hands on? There is only one reason: un-
belief. You cling to belief in your own ability to do a better 
job than He would. Ps 46:10 goes on to say, "I will be 
exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

"Do not be anxious then, saying, 'What will we eat?' or 
'What will we drink?' or 'with what shall we clothe our-
selves?' For all these things the Gentiles eagerly seek; 
for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these 
things." Matt 6:31,32
Anxiety does not suit the disciple
Michael Wells from My Weakness for His Strength Vol 2

Reader, many of you have experienced anxiety this past
weekend over the many signs that seemed to portend His
coming. Then you realize that all the problems you hoped 
would disappear--are still with you! The verse below is
one I need to ponder in these difficult days.

Cease striving and know that I am God...

Below is the website of Abiding Life Ministry and if
you scroll down you will find a brief biography of the
author. His wife Betty is now running the ministry but
only by His strength! There are some great books to
purchase and I would recommend, Sidetracked in the 
Wilderness and My Weakness for His Strength, vol 1 & 2.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Revelation 12 Sign

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a
woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under
her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve
stars.  Revelation 12:1

Reader, I don't know what you have seen and heard re-
garding this sign that appears in Revelation 12 about
mid point in the tribulation, but it has caught my atten-
sion. I have found all sorts of information as to its
meaning, from the rapture to terrible things coming
upon the earth. The 'sign' will appear on September 23
of this year.

Today I found an article by Danny Faulkner, a PHD
who is the lead Astronomer at Answers in Genesis. He
has spent most of his life watching the stars and he has
answered my questions as to what is true and what is
not true about this sign on September 23, 2017.

I have posted two articles on this subject below. In the
first one there is an 8 minute video.

The second article is more recent and goes into more
detail based on the questions that have come in.

Jesus says that 'no man can no the day or the hour' 
but there will be signs that his coming is near. Matt 24
So, we have to be ready at all times!


In this world you will have tribulation; but be of 
good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33

God does not give us overcoming life--He gives us
life as we overcome. The strain of life is what builds
our strength. If there is no strain, there will be no
strength. God never gives us strength for tomorrow,
or for the next hour, but only for the strain of the
moment. A saint can "be of good cheer" even when
seemingly defeated by adversaries, because victory
is absurdly impossible to everyone, except God.
Oswald Chambers

Reader, as we wait for His coming, God wants us
to lean on Him and receive His strength moment
by moment. We are to exchange 'our weakness for
His strength.' God does not 'help those who help
themselves,' but instead is delighted when we lean
on Him. I love this verse, "Who is coming up from
the wilderness leaning on her beloved?' SS 8:5.
Surely we often walk in dry places and, for me, I
cannot make it on my own...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

High Watch Time

Behold I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but
we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will 
sound and the dead will be raised imperishable, and 
we shall be changed.   I Corinthians 15:51-52

It appears that Paul had only two months, or eight weeks
to establish the Thessalonian Church. He gave them the
Gospel but he also gave them something else. He talked
about the coming of the Lord. Paul sent Timothy to them
because their afflictions were so great he wanted to make
sure that their faith held. Timothy returned to Paul with
a good report--they were strong in faith--and with many
questions, of which the coming of the Lord to take them
home, was high on the list and begins in 1 Thes 4:13. The
last two chapters of this book are filled with information
concerning a catching away of the saints and how Paul
believed that it could happen anytime. At the end of chap-
ter 4 he says this to a very young first century church,
'For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a 
cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and 
with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead 
will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will 
be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet 
the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the 
Therefore, COMFORT one another with these words.'
(I want to comfort you, especially those who are suffering.)

Reader, the next couple of days we have the Feast of Trum-
pets on the 21st and the Revelation 12 sign on the 23rd,
The rapture which has always been considered 'imminent'
meaning that nothing has to take place before this event,
does not have to happen on a Feast Day or any other special
day. However, God may attach it to this fall feast. Jesus ful-
filled all three of the Spring Feasts and then sent His
Holy Spirit to fill the new believers on the Day of Pentecost,
another Jewish Feast. While all of those feasts have been
fulfilled, none of the fall Feasts have as yet been fulfilled.
It is something to consider.

There are many ideas out there about the end times. I have
studied them all, and for me, the only one that makes sense
from a Biblical perspective is that the Lord will take out his
church before the Father sends his wrath upon the world.
We are not appointed unto wrath...1 Thes 5:9.
I think this is the biggest thing for me because what loving
father would pour out wrath on his son's future bride? ( I am
not talking about 'tribulation' that has been promised to all
who believe, but God's wrath.)

I am adding a talk by Mark Hitchcock given in 2013 on the
various points of view and why he believes that the church
will be removed before the tribulation. Again, it is something
to study because it is important that we are looking for Him.
It helps one avoid sin if he knows that Jesus can come any
day! (I look up every day.) By the way, everything is now set
up for a one world government and the rule of the Anti-Christ.
I did some blogs in the past on this topic. I believe His com-
ing is very soon.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Entirely His

Let patience have its perfect work, that you may
be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
James 1:4

Ultimately, God will allow nothing to escape; every
detail of our lives is under His scrutiny. God will bring
us back in countless ways to the same point over and
over again. And He never tires of bringing us back to
that one point until we learn the lesson, because His
purpose is to produce a finished product.
Oswald Chambers

Reader, I can remember going around the same hill
over and over and over. Eventually, I  discovered
what it was all about, but had suffered longer than
I really needed to.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Receipt

...God made alive together with him, having forgiven our
trespasses, by canceling the record of debt that stood
against us with its legal demands. This He set aside, nail-
ing it to the cross. Col 2:13,14

He said, 'It is finished' 
The word for finished in the Greek means:  COMPLETE,

Reader, He is risen and all those who confess Jesus as Lord
and Savior are on the other side of the grave! But, how can
we know that Jesus rose from the dead? Tell me, when you
pay off a debt what do you receive to show that the debt is
paid? You receive a paper saying that you have paid what
you owe. In the scripture above it states that He canceled the
debt, our debt, by nailing it to the cross. So, did He leave a
receipt? Yes, I believe that he left a physical receipt that even
lists all that He did for us when He died on the Cross. Are
you curious enough to listen to a 28 minute discussion of the
Shroud of Turin? Frankly, I was blown away by the testi-
mony of a man who has studied the Shroud many years, and
who has talked to those who were able to handle it in 1978
when it was open to study for five days. Russ Breault has
produced five DVD's on this subject on different levels of
investigation, and come to the conclusion that it is the cloth
that wrapped Jesus when He was placed in the grave. Even
in the short time given for the interview I heard things I had
not heard before and I believe that God has preserved the
testimony of the resurrection of His Son on this cloth for
such a time as this for we have the technology to prove that
it is a forgery! Not only does the cloth speak of the past but
also the future as we wait for the day of His appearing.

And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall 
also bear the image of the heavenly. 1 Corinthians 15:49

There is an image of a man on the cloth. Whose image is it
and how was it made? The implications of what has been
found should encourage every one of you! I believe that this
is one of the most important blogs I have put out in the last
five years!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sing With Thanksgiving

Sing... to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the
Father for everything. Eph 5:19-20

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God
in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thes 5:18

No matter the source of the evil confronting you, if you 
are in Christ and thereby completely surrounded by 
Him, you must realize that it has first passed through 
Him before coming to you. Because of this, you can 
thank Him for everything that comes your way. This 
does not mean thanking Him for the sin that 
accompanies evil, but offering thanks for what He will 
bring out of it and through it. May God make our life 
one of continual thanksgiving and praise, so He will 
then make everything a blessing. CHP

Many people owe the grandeur of their lives to their
tremendous difficulties. Charles H Spurgeon

Reader, when you look into the stories of the great men
and women in former centuries, you will find immense
issues that kept them trusting in God. Blindness, chronic
illness, loss of family members, old age, did not prevent
the hymns, sermons, books from being written. In fact I
feel that their tremendous difficulties only deepened the

Father, I know the truth of this message, that nothing can
enter our lives without first coming through You. May I
pause and thank you in every situation this day.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Lord Waits

Therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious
unto you...blessed are all they that wait for him.  
Is 30:18

We should not only understand the importance of our
waiting on God but also realize something even more
wonderful--the Lord waits on us. And the very thought
of His waiting on us will give us renewed motivation
and inspiration 'to wait for Him.' It will also provide
inexpressible confidence that our waiting will never be
in vain. Therefore, in the spirit of waiting on God, let
us seek to discover exactly what it means right now.

The Lord has an inconceivably glorious purpose for 
each of His children. 'If this is true, ' you ask, 'why is 
it that He continues to wait longer and longer to offer
His grace and to provide the help I seek, even after I
have come and waited on Him?' He does so because
He is a wise gardener who 'waits for the land to yield
its valuable crop' and is 'patient... for the coming of
the autumn and spring rains.' James 5:7  God knows
He cannot gather the fruit until it is ripe, and He knows
precisely when we are spiritually ready to receive bles-
sings for our gain and His glory. And waiting in the
sunshine of His love is what will ripen our soul for
His blessings. Also, waiting under the clouds of trials
is as important, for they will ultimately produce show-
ers of blessings.

Rest assured that if God waits longer than we desire,
it is simply to make the blessings doubly precious.
Remember, He waited four thousand years, 'but when
the time had fully come, God sent his Son.' Gal 4:4.
Our time is in His hands, and he will quickly avenge
those He has chosen, swiftly coming to our support 
without ever delaying even one hour too long.
Andrew Murray

Reader, yesterday I took my advice and listed the things
that have caused me pain and found that in each case God
was working His perfect will and brought blessings of
greater intimacy. Yes, 'the Lord waits,' but it is meant for
our good!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me? 
John 18:11

In order to have sympathetic God, we must have a 
suffering Savior, for true sympathy comes from under-
standing another person's hurt by suffering the same
affliction. Therefore we cannot help others who suffer
without having known a great cost within ourselves.

The most comforting of David's psalms were squeezed
from his life by suffering, and if Paul had not been given
'a thorn in his flesh,' we would have missed much of the
heartbeat of tenderness that resonates through so many
of his letters. 

If you have surrendered yourself to Christ, your present
circumstanced that seem to press you to the ground, are
forming you into His image and also giving you a mes-
sage that will bring comfort to many. LB Cowman

Reader, I would also add that God the Father is making
us into a fit Bride for His Son. As we share in a small
part of His sufferings we are not only able to understand
a little more His terrible suffering for us on the cross, the
love that put Him there, but we are also being molded into
His image. We will not be unequally yoked with Him as
His Bride through all of eternity. Does that not put suf-
fering into a different light?

Take time to go back into your life and list the sorrows
and sufferings that you have experienced. Is there a
pattern that emerges? Then list what came out of the
valleys you walked through. For me it has been a much
deeper relationship with the One my heart loves best.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fully Committed

The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to 
strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed
to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

God is looking for men and women whose hearts are fully 
fixed on Him and who will continually trust Him for all 
He desires to do with their lives. God is ready and eager 
to work more powerfully than ever through His people, 
and the clock of the centuries is almost at midnight. 

The world is watching and waiting to see what God can do
through a life committed to Him. And not only is the world
waiting but God Himself awaits to see who will be the most
completely devoted person who has ever lived: willing to be
nothing so Christ may be everything; fully accepting God's
purposes as his own; receiving Christ's humility, faith, love
and power yet never hindering God's plan but always allow-
ing Hin to continue His miraculous work. CHP

Reade, there is no limit to what God can do through you,
provided you do not seek your own glory.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017


I called to Him but he did not answer.  SS 5:6

Once the Lord has given great faith, He has been known
to test it with long delays. He has allowed His servants'
voice to echo in their ears, as if their preyers were re-
bounding from a contemptuous sky. Believers have 
knocked at the heavenly gate, but it has remain immov-
able, as though its hinges had rusted. And like Jeremiah,
they have cried, 
'You have covered yourself with a cloud so that no 
prayer can get through.'  Lam 3:44

True saints of God have endured lengthy times of patient
waiting with no reply, not because their prayers were 
prayed without intensity, nor because God did not accept
their pleas. They were required to wait because it pleased
Him who is sovereign and who gives 'according to his 
good purpose' Phil 2:13. And if it pleases Him to cause
our patience to be exercised, should He not do as He 
desires with His own?

No prayer is ever lost, or any prayer ever breathed in vain. 
There is no such thing as a prayer unanswered or unnoticed
by God, and some things we see as refusals or denials are
simply delays. Horatius Bonar

Reader, do you have prayers whose answers seem lost and
perhaps the prayers forgotten. When I get discouraged I
think of Eve who lost her first and second born and never
saw the promise of the Savior. I think of Job who did not
understand what was behind his suffering. How about
Abraham who waited 25 years for the fulfillment of the
promised one. Surely he cried to God in the night!

So, you see, we are not alone in this walk of faith!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wingless Birds

They will soar on wings like eagles.  Isaiah 40:31

There is a fable about the way birds got their wings. The 
story goes that initially they were made without them. 
Then God made the wings, set them down before the 
wingless birds, and said to them, "Take up these burdens 
and carry them."

The birds had sweet voices for singing, and lovely
feathers, that glistened in the sunshine, but they could 
not soar. When asked to pick up the burdens that lay 
at their feet, they hesitated at first. Yet soon they obeyed, 
picked up the wings with their beaks, and set them on 
their shoulders to carry them.

For a short time the load seemed heavy and difficult to 
bear, but soon, as they continued to carry the burden and 
to fold the wings over their hearts, the wings grew 
attached to their little bodies. They quickly discovered
how to use them and were lifted by the wings high into
the air. The weights became wings. 

This is a parable for us. We are the wingless birds, and 
our duties and tasks are the wings God uses to lift us up 
and cary us heavenward. We look at our burdens and
heavy loads, and try to run from them, but if we will 
carry them and tie them to our hearts, they will become
wings God uses to lift us up and carry us heavenward.
We look at our burdens and heavy loads, and try to run
from them, but if we will carry them and tie them to our
hearts, they will become wings. And on them can we
rise and soar toward our God.

There is no burden so heavy that when lifted cheerfully
with love in our hearts will not become a blessing to us.
God intends for our tasks to be our helpers; to refuse to 
bend our shoulders to carry a load is to miss a new
opportunity for growth.  JR Miller.

No matter how overwhelming, any burden God has love-
tingly placed with His own hands on our shoulders is a
blessing.  Frederick Faber

Reader, God is using the blog to encourage me into a
greater understanding of how the trials in my life are
a doorway to His abundant life. I hope that you too,
find today's blog, liberating

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Furnace of Affliction

I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.  
Isaiah 48:10

Doesn't God's Word come to us like a soft rain shower,
dispelling the fury of the flames? Isn't it like fireproof
armor, against which the heat is powerless? Then let
afflictions come, for God has chosen me. Poverty, you
may walk through my door, but god is already in my
house, and He has chosen me. Sickness, you may in-
trude into my my life, but I have a cure standing ready--
God has chosen me. Whatever occurs in the valley of
tears, I know He has chosen me.

Dear Christian, do not be afraid, for Jesus walks with
you. Through all your fiery trials, His presence is both
your comfort and safety. He will never forsake those 
He has chosen for His own. 'Do not be afraid, for I am
with you,' (Gen 26:24) is His unfailing word of promise
to his chosen ones who are experiencing 'the furnace 
of affliction.' Charles H Spurgeon

Reader, many in this country are finding life hanging by
a thread. Whether it is Houston and Florida getting
deluged by wind and water, or the west which seems to
be burning up with fire and drought in so many states,
people are in danger of losing everything. God will never
forsake His own for we belong to Him. This is the bottom
line of the present and of our future.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Even in Old Age

You will come to the grave in full vigor, like sheaves 
in season. Job 5:26

A man who once wrote about the salvaging of old ships
stated that it was not the age of the wood from the
vessel alone that improved its quality. The straining
and twisting of the ship by the sea, the chemical reac-
sion produced by the bilge water, and the differing
cargoes also had an effect.

Several years ago some boards and veneers cut from an
oak beam from an eighty year old ship were exhibited
at a fashionable furniture store on Broadway in NYC.
They attracted attention, because of their elegant color-
ing and beautiful grain. Equally striking were some
mahogany beams taken from a ship that sailed the seas
sixty years ago. The years of travel had constricted the
pores of the wood and deepened its colors, so that they
were magnificent and bright as those of an antique
Chinese vase. The wood has since been used to make
a cabinet that sits in a place of honor in the living room
of a wealthy New York family.

There is also a great difference between the quality of
elderly people who have lived listless, self-indulgent,
and useless lives and the quality if those who have
sailed through rough seas, carrying cargo and burdens
as servants of God, and as helpers of others. In the
latter group, not only has the stress and strain of life
seeped into their lives but the aroma of sweetness of
their cargo has also been absorbed into the very pores
of each fiber of their character.  Louis Albert Banks

Reader, as we celebrate our 47th anniversary today, this
piece is so encouraging. God means for us to be fruitful
and beautiful even into old age. I think one of the biggest
 'youth tonics' is to give Him thanks in all things. Try it.
You will come to like it. And your face will reflect His
goodness to you even in the hard times.

Friday, September 1, 2017

God's Faitfulness

What if some did not have faith? Will their lack nullify
God's faithfulness.  Romans 3:3

I suspect that the source of every bit of sorrow in my life
can be traced to simple unbelief. If I truly believe the 
past is totally forgiven, the present is supplied with power,
and the future is bright with hope, how could I be any-
thing but completely happy?

Yes, the future is bright, because of God's faithfulness.
His abiding truth does not change with my mood, and
He never wavers when I stumble and fall over a promise
of His through my unbelief. His faithfulness stands firm
and as prominent as mountain peaks of pearl splitting 
the clouds of eternity. And each base of His hills is rooted 
at an unfathomable depth on the rock of God.
Samuel Hart

Reader, God is faithful even in our unfaithfulness. His
mercies are new every morning.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Hope Comes From Him

My hope comes from him.   Psalm 62:5

So often we simply neglect to look for the answers
to what we have asked, which shows the lack of
earnestness in our petitions. A farmer is never con-
tent until he reaps a harvest; a marksman observes
whether or not his bullet has hit the target; and a
physician examines the effect of the medicine he
prescribes. Should a Christian be any less careful
regarding the effect of his labor in prayer?

Every prayer of the Christian whether for temporal
or spiritual blessings, will be fully answered if it
meets certain biblical requirements. It must be
prayed in faith and in accordance with God's will.
It must rely on God's promise, be offered up in the
name of Jesus Christ, and be prayed under the in-
fluence of the Holy Spirit.

God always answers the general intent of His
people's prayers. He does so not only to reveal His
own glory but also to provide for the Christian's
spiritual and eternal welfare. Since we see in Scrip-
ture that Jesus Christ never rejected even a single
petitioner who came to Him, we can believe that no
prayer made in His name will be in vain.

The answer to our prayer may be coming, although
we may not discern its approach. A seed that is under-
ground during winter, although hidden and seemingly
dead and lost, is nevertheless taking root for a later
spring and harvest. Bickersteth

Delayed answers to prayer are not only trials of faith;
they also give us opportunities to honor God through
our steadfast confidence in Him even when facing
the apparent denial of our request.  Spurgeon

Reader, there is a petition that is now decades old,
but what is so wonderful is that the longer I wait,
the more excited I am at what God is going to do!
It has gone from despair to expectancy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Faith in Action

I have prayed for you...that your faith may not fail.
Luke 22:32

Dear Christian, remember to take good care of your
faith, for faith is the only way to obtain God's
blessings. Prayer alone cannot bring answers down 
from His throne, because it is the earnest prayer of
one who believes that leads to answers.

Faith is the communication link between heaven and
earth. It is on this link of faith that God's messages
of love travel so quickly that even before we ask, He
answers. And while we are still speaking, 'He hears
us.'  (1John 5:14) So when the connection of faith is
broken, how will we obtain His promises?

Am I in trouble? I can receive help by expressing
faith. Am I being battered by the Enemy? My soul
will find refuge by leaning in faith upon God. But
without faith, I call to Him in vain, for faith is the
only road between my soul and heaven. If the road 
is blocked, how can I communicate with the great 

Faith links me to Holy God and clothes me with 
the power of Jehovah. Faith insures me that each
of His attributes will be used in my defense, help-
ing me to defy the hosts of hell. It causes me to
march triumphantly over the necks of my enemies.
So without faith, how can I receive anything from 
the Lord?

Therefore, O Christian, carefully watch your faith.
'Everything is possible for him who believes.'
Mark 9:23        Charles Spurgeon

Reader, 'Faith honors God, and God honors faith.'

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


My peace I give you.  John 14:27

Two painters were once asked to paint a picture illustra
ting his own idea of rest. The first chose for his scene a
quiet, lonely lake, nestled among mountains far away.
The second, using swift broad strokes on his canvas,
painted a thundering waterfall. Beneath the falls grew
a fragile birch tree, bending over the foam. On its
branch, nearly wet with the spray, sat a robin on her nest.

The first painting was simply a picture of stagnation and
inactivity. The second, however, depicted rest.

Outwardly, Christ endured one of the most troubled lives
ever lived. Storms and turmoil, turmoil and storms--wave
after wave broke over Him until His worn body was laid
in a the tomb. Yet His inner life was as smooth as a sea
of glass, and a great calm was always there.

Anyone could have gone to Him at any time and found
rest. Even as the human bloodhounds were dogging Him
in the streets of Jerusalem, He turned to His disciples,
offering them a final legacy: 'My peace.'

Rest is not a holy feeling that comes upon us in church.
It is a state of calm rising from a heart deeply and firmly
established in God.   Henry Drummond

Reader, the whole verse above says this:
'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as
the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be
troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

The disciples were about to enter into the most troubled
period of their lives. Jesus Himself is facing His greatest
test. The world is now on the brink of great upheaval--
and we are part of it. John 14:27 is a promise from the
One who stills the waves.

Pray for the people in Houston.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Revelation 12 Sign

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman
clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and
upon her head a crown of twelve stars. Rev 12:1

If you google 'Revelation 12 sign' you will discover that
this is the most popular search right now! Many are expec-
ting the rapture on this date. What if this verse has nothing
to do with the rapture? Lots of people will be very disap-
pointed to the point of 'throwing the baby out with the bath
water.' Jesus said, 'Verily I say unto you, This generation 
shall not not pass, till all be fulfilled...But of that day and 
hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but 
my Father only. Matt 24:34,26

So, what do we know? We know that a generation is 70 or
80 years--Psalm 90. If you read Matt 24 carefully you will
notice that Jesus was speaking of the generation that saw
Israel who became a nation in 1948. I am in that generation!
So, we know we are in the ball park, but it is a mistake to
pin down the exact day or hour of his coming.

This afternoon I listened to a very good discussion on the
Revelation 12 sign. You might want to check it out.

Friday, August 25, 2017


He said, 'This is the resting place, let the weary rest,'
and, 'This is the place of repose'--but they would not
listen. Isaiah 28:12

Why do you worry? What possible use does your
worrying serve? You are aboard such a large ship
that you would be unable to steer even if your Cap-
tain placed you at the helm. You would not even be
able to adjust the sails, yet you worry as if you were
helmsman of the vessel. Be quiet, dear soul--God
is the Master!

Do you think that all the commotion and uproar of
this life is evidence that God has left His throne has
left His throne? He has not! His mighty steeds rush
furiously ahead, and His chariots are the storms
themselves. But the horses need bridles, and it is
God who holds the reins, guiding the chariots as He

Our God Jehovah is still the Master! Believe this and
you will have peace. "Don't be afraid"  Matt 14:27
Charles H Spurgeon

Reader, I opened my Bible this morning to the verse
at the top. God definitely has a message in these
perilous times.

For those who are interested, here is the latest blog for
Informed Christians. We are so close to going HOME.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Jesus did not commit Himself unto them...for 
He knew what was in man.  John 2:24-25

The refusal to be disillusioned is the cause of much
of the suffering in human life. It works in this way--
if we love a human being and do not love God, we 
demand of him every perfection and every rectitude,
and when we do not get it we become cruel and
vindictive; we are demanding of a human being that
which he or she cannot give. There is only one 
Being Who can satisfy the last aching abyss of the
human heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Why
our Lord is apparently so severe regarding every
human relationship not based on loyalty to Him-
self is because He knows that every relationship
not based on loyalty to Himself will end in disaster.
Our Lord trusted no man, yet He was never sus-
picious, never bitter. Our Lord's confidence in God
and in what His grace could do for any man, was
so perfect that He despaired of no one. If our trust
is placed in human beings, we shall end in despair-
ing of everyone.  Oswald Chambers

Reader, this is such a good reminder to me of how
easy it is to expect a particular behavior and become
disappointed. It is our confidence in God that puts all
of our relationships into a place of peace.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Don't Wrestle, Nestle

I will not let you go unless you bless me...Then he 
blessed him there. Genesis 32:26,29

Jacob won the victory and the blessing here not by
wrestling but by clinging. His hip was out of joint
and he could struggle no longer, but he would not
let go. Unable to wrestle further, he locked his arms
around the neck of his mysterious opponent, help-
lessly resting all his weight upon him, until he won
at last.

We too will not win the victory in prayer until we 
cease our struggling. We must give up our own will 
and throw our arms around our Father's neck in 
clinging faith.

What can our feeble human strength take by force from 
the hand of omnipotence? Are we able to wrestle bles
sings from God by force? Strong-willed violence on 
our part will never prevail with Him. What wins bles-
sings and victories is the strength of clinging faith.

It is not applying pressure or insisting upon our own 
will that brings victory. It is won when humility and 
trust unite in saying, 
"Not my will, but yours be done."
(Luke 22:42)

In this verse, John tells us that even in heaven there 
will be a song that will only be sung by those 
"who have been redeemed from the earth." 
It is undoubtedly a song of triumph--and a hymn of 
victory to the christ who set us free. Yet the sense of 
triumph and freedom will be born from the memory 
of our past bondage. 

Your Father is training you for a part that the angels 
cannot sing, and His conservatory is the school of 
sorrows. Others have said that He sends sorrow to test 
you, yet this is not the case. He sends sorrow to edu-
cate you, thereby providing you with the proper training 
for His heavenly choir.

In the darkest night He is composing your song. In the 
valley He is running your voice. In the storm clouds
He is deepening your range. In the rain showers He is
sweetening your melody. In the cold He is giving your
notes expression. And as you pass at times from hope
to fear, He is perfecting the message of your lyrics.

O dear soul, do not despise your school of sorrows.
It is bestowing on you a unique part in the heavenly
song.   George Matheson

Reader, I am disappointed that we remain here instead
of being caught up to be with Him. His timing is perfect
and it will all fit together in the end. I have begun to sing,
"In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in 
Christ Jesus concerning you." 
Make up your own tune and sing it whenever life leaves
you breathless. It will change you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It Was Wonderful!

We watched the eclipse from start to finish and it was
truly a wonderful thing as it unfolded. The temperature
fell slowly into the 60's  and the light changed
imperceptibly--at first. Once it was fully dark at the
top of the sky, we could see what looked like a sunset
all around the horizon. The dogs in the group ignored
the whole thing. We had expected tens of thousands to
descend on our town but the numbers were much
smaller and those who came cleaned up after them-
selves. The biggest issue was the traffic leaving
after the event.

Here is what my heart sang:

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky 
above proclaims his handwork! Psalm 19:1

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Red Dragon Eclipse

There is more to this than meets the eye. There is a
history of eclipses that helps us to understand what
is going on. Did you know that there was an eclipse
of the sun just prior to the visit of Jonah in Nineveh?
The hearts of the people were prepared for the mes-
sage of, "Repent."

Watch this You Tube video. You will learn things
that most of us have not known,--it is new to me--
but which is very pertinent to August 21st and the
Solar Eclipse. Our town will have a ring side seat!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Incredible Signs!

In the last blog we spent time looking at the signs that
would appear in the sun, moon and stars. Jesus said that
in the last generation there would be a number of signs
telling us that the end is near. When Israel became a
nation the clock started ticking--we are now in the last
generation with some of us moving into the mid and
late 70's. Moses defines a generation in Ps 90 verse 10--
70 to 80 years.

In two days we have a sign in the moon and sun that will
affect this country from west to east. In the next month
we will see a sign of the virgin depicted in Revelation 12
which involves the sun, moon and stars.

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, 
and in the stars...and when these things begin to come 
to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your 
redemption draweth nigh--or near.

Then come these verses:
And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, 
and all the trees; when they now shoot forth, ye see and 
know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at 
handSo like-wise ye, when ye see these things come to 
pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. 
Verily I say unto you, 
This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.
Heaven and earth will pass away but my word shall not 
pass away.  Luke 21

Reader, I have given you a very small sketch of what is laid
out in the most recent video on informedchristians/youtube
Daniel makes the time events so clear. Please take the time
to watch this video!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Eclipse

and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days
and for years.  Genesis 1:14

Everyone is talking about the eclipse on August 21st,
wondering if it means anything. Because God set the
sun, moon and stars in the heavens 'as signs,' my take
on it is that this Eclipse is very important and we
should seek God, not man, for understanding.
Eclipse-Literally a defect or failure; an interception or
obscuration of the light of the sun caused by the inter-
vention of the moon which hides the suns disk.
Websters Dictionary 1825.

Hmm, 'defect or failure.'

We in little Weiser, ID are right in the center of the event.
The town is about to fill up to overflowing, but no one
knows exactly what that is going to look like. There is a
carnival atmosphere. Yet the back roads leading to the
farm lands are afraid of fire as people drive off the roads
to view the Eclipse. It is very dry here.

I believe that the Eclipse is just one of the signs that God
is orchestrating so we would know just how late is the
hour. We are living at the end of the 6,000 years. Remem-
ber that God rested on the seventh day. Many Jewish
scholars believe that God is only giving this earth 7,000
years. The 1,000 years mentioned in Revelation 20 cor-
respond to the day God rested, the seventh day. Before
the 1,000 years, or Millennium, there comes seven years
of Tribulation. Former blogs go into detail as to how
everything is ready for a one world government and the

This view is not taught by many theologians and some
of you have grown up believing the earth is very old, that
there is no rapture, no tribulation and no 1,000 years. If
that is the case then you are not looking for Him and you
don't have a clue as to how late it really is. Jesus said that
his coming would be like the time of Noah and Lot when
everyone thought life was wonderful and would continue
on. They were buying and selling, planting and harvesting--
living it up-- until God intervened by flood and fire.

Reader, I encourage you to read Matt 24, 1st & 2nd Thes-
salonians, 1 Corinthians 15--throw in Daniel and
Wow, that is a lot, but these books outline what is to come.
Every prophecy regarding the first coming was fulfilled
exactly. It will be the same thing for all the prophecies that
have not yet been fulfilled.

For those of you who would like a summary of what has
been happening in the heavens over the past two years,
check out the You Tube site below.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shallow and Profound

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do 
all to the glory of God.   I Cor 10:31.

Even the shallow things of life, such as eating and 
drinking, walking and talking, are ordained by God. 
We are safeguarded by the shallow things of life. 
We have to live the surface, commonsense life in a 
commonsense way. We are so nauseatingly serious, 
so desperately interested in our own character and 
reputation, we refuse to behave like Christians in 
the shallow concerns of life. OC

Reader, life is made up of the commonplace. With
all of our technical toys it is harder to come down
to cleaning the toilet!  Our Lord was interested in
the commonplace. He used the simple things of
life, the basic things to bring home truth.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Cup Overflows

My cup overflows
Only goodness and steadfast love 
shall follow me all the days of 
my life...   Psalm 23:5,6

There is always something 'over,'
   When we trust our gracious Lord;
Every cup is overflowing,
   His great rivers all are broad.
Nothing narrow, nothing sparing,
   Ever springing from His store;
To His own He gives full measure,
   Overflowing, evermore.

There is always something 'over,'
   When we, from the Father's hand,
Take our portion with thanksgiving,
   Praising for the path He planned.
Satisfaction, full and deepening,
   Fills the soul, and lights the eye,
When the heart has trusted Jesus
   All its needs to satisfy.

There is always something 'over,'
   When we tell of all His love;
Unreached depths still lie beneath us,
   Unscaled heights rise far above:
Human lips can never utter
   All His wondrous tenderness,
We can only praise and wonder,
   And His name forever bless.
Margaret E Barber

He who did not spare his own Son, 
but gave him up for us all--
how will he not also, 
along with him, 
graciously give us all things? 
Romans 8:32

Reader, look at the verse at the top,
Surely, only does God shower us
with goodness and steadfast love. 
Then the verse at the bottom:
He who did not spare his own Son, 
will graciously give us all things.

We don't have to wait until we die and
go to heaven, we can receive from Him
in the moment so that, Our cup overflows...

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Bring them here to me.   
Matthew 14:18

Do you find yourself at this very moment surrounded
with needs and nearly overwhelmed with difficulties,
trials, and emergencies? Each of us is God's way of
providing vessels for the Holy Spirit to fill. If you cor-
erectly understand their meaning, you will see them as
opportunities for receiving new blessings and deliver-
ance you can see not other way.

The Lord is saying to you, "Bring them here to Me." 
Firmly hold the vessels before Him, in faith and prayer.

Remain still before Him, 
Stop your own restless working until He begins to work. 
Do nothing that He Himself has not commanded you to do. 
Allow God time to work and He surely will.

Then the very trials that threatened to overcome you with 
discouragement and disaster will become God's 
opportunity to reveal His grace and glory in your life, in 
ways you have never known.

"Bring (your needs) here to me."  (AB Simpson)

Reader, I am a little overwhelmed by the coming week
end when Weiser becomes the center of the eclipse and
will bring thousands to our city. We will have a full house
here and it won't be easy to 'run to the store.' This scripture
and the commentary truly sets out a plan for peace--inner
peace. AB Simpson has blessed me in what he has penned.
He was still traveling and teaching even into old age.  He
founded the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination.
His bio is quite interesting. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

His Sweet Aroma

Thanks be to God who always 
leads us in triumph in Christ...
2 Corinthians 2:14

The proper perspective to maintain is that we are 
here for only on purpose--to be captives marching 
in the procession of Christ's triumphs. We are 
encompassed with the sweet aroma of Jesus, and
wherever we go we are a wonderful refreshment
to God. Oswald Chambers

Reader, is it not astounding that we can bring
refreshment to our God? But that is because
we are surrounded by the sweet aroma of Jesus.
We are to live and move and have our being
immersed in the triumph of Christ.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Strange Well

Spring up, O Well! Sing About it. 
Numbers 21:17

This was a strange song and a strange well. The Children 
of Israel had been traveling over the desert's barren sands;
and they were desperate for water, but there was none in
sight. Then God spoke to Moses and said, 'Gather the
people together and I will give them water.' (v 16)

Then the people gathered around with their rods. As they 
began to dig deeply into the burning sand they sang,
'Spring up O well! Sing about it.' Soon a gurgling sound
was heard, and suddenly a rush of water appeared, filling
the well and running along the ground. As they dug the
well in the desert, they had tapped into the stream that ran 
below and that had been unseen for very long.

How did the children of Israel reach the water of this well? 
It was through praise. As they stood on the burning sand, 
digging, they sang a praise song of faith.

Nothing pleases the Lord as much as praise. There is no
greater evidence of faith than the virtue of genuine 

Reader, are you praising God enough? Are you thanking 
Him for the countless blessings you enjoy? Are you boldly 
praising Him even for the trials, which are actually bles-
sings in disguise? And have you learned to praise Him in 
advance for the answers yet to come?
(Selected from Streams in the Desert)


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nothing of the Old Life

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old
things have passed away; behold, all things 
have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

God pays no respect to anything we bring to Him. 
There is only one thing God wants of us, and that 
is our unconditional surrender. Oswald Chambers

Reader, I forget just how thorough our salvation is.
We think and act on what we believe about our-
selves. If I know that I have been born again from
above, I am far more inclined to bring to God
unconditional surrender. Think about that!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Brook Dried Up...

Some time later the brook dried up because there had
been no rain in the land. (I Kings 17:7)

Week after week, with an unwavering and steadfast spirit,
Elijah watched the brook dwindle and finally dry up.
Often tempted to stumble into unbelief, he nevertheless
refused to allow his circumstances to come between
himself and his God. Unbelief looks at God through the
circumstances, just as we often see the sun dimmed by
clouds or smoke. But faith puts God between itself and
its circumstances, and looks at them through Him.

Elijah's brook dwindled to only a silver thread, which
formed pools at the base of the largest rocks. Then the
pool evaporated, the birds flew away, and the wild
animals of the field and forests no longer came to drink,
for the brook became completely dry. And, only then,
to Elijah's patient and faithful spirit, did the word of the
Lord come and say, 'Go at once to Zarephath.' verse 9

Most of us would have become anxious and tired, and
would have made other plans long before God spoke.
Our singing would have stopped as soon as the stream
flowed less musically over its rocky bed. We would have
hung our harps on the willows nearby and begun pacing
back and forth on the withering grass. And probably,
long before the brook actually dried up, we would have
devised a plan, asked God to bless it, and headed

God will often extricate us from the mess we have made,
because 'his love endures forever.'Yet if we had only
been patient and waited to see the unfolding of His plan,
we would never have found ourselves in such an impos-
sible maze, seeing no way out. We would also never have
had to turn back and retrace our way, with wasted step
and so many tears of shame.

Wait for the Lord (Ps 27:4)
Patiently wait!

Reader, I hate to say it but I like to make plans when
things are falling apart. I know that God is sovereign,
but somehow I forget His involvement in my life
when things go south. AND, I forget to seek Him as
to what He wants me to do! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Info on UFO's

The subject of the last blog, UFO's and Aliens, has so
much more to it than I was able to get into a post. UFO
means 'Unidentified Object' and became a byword after
WWII. My dad who was a pilot for TWA reported seeing
a disc-like object that flew next to them which suddenly
disappeared. There was also the Roswell Affair in 1947
where something crashed in Roswell, Georgia and was
hushed up leading to speculation that it was a flying
saucer flown by Aliens. The jury is still out on this! We
have no idea what the military has developed over the
years. However, I want to go into the spiritual dimen-
sion of this subject and see what the church and others
are saying about UFO's and Aliens.

The Catholic Church has an observatory on top of
Mount Graham in Arizona which has dedicated at least
one telescope to finding and tracking UFO's. There is a
wonderful book written by Chris Putnam and Thomas
Exo-Vaticana--Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R and the Vatican's 
Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior.
This well documented book is 550 pages in length.
Chuck Missler says this in the introduction:
Warning: this book may shatter the comfort of closely
held pre-suppositions and may result in the wholesale
alterations of crucial priorities. 
And a quote from the cover:
'Contemporary societies will look to Alien's to be
the Saviors of Mankind.' Vatican Astronomer and
Planetary Scientist of the Vatican Observatory. 

This is what the unbelievers say about a coming

Barbara Marciniak is a very famous New Age author
and channeler. In her book Bridges of the Dawn she
documents what she claims extra-terrestrials from the
star system of the Pleiades have told her: "There will
be great shiftings within humanity on this planet. It
will seem that great chaos and turmoil are forming,
that nations are rising against each other in war, and
that earthquakes are happening more frequently. Earth
is shaking itself free, and a certain realignment or
adjustment period is to be expected. The people who
leave the planet during the time of earth changes do
not fit here any longer, and they are stopping the
harmony of earth. When the time comes that perhaps
twenty million people leave the planet at one time,
there will be a tremendous shift in consciousness for
those who are remaining."

Channeler Thelma Terrell, who goes by her spiritual
name, 'Tuella,' wrote a book called Project World
Evacuation: "Our rescue ships will be able to come in
close enough in the twinkling of an eye to set the
lifting beams in operation in a moment, and all over
the globe where events warrant it, this will be the
method of evacuation. Mankind will be lifted,
levitated shall we say, by the beams from our smaller
ships. These smaller craft will in turn taxi the persons
to the larger ships overhead, higher in the atmosphere,
where there is ample space and quarters and supplies
for millions of people. The Great Evacuation will
come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of
emergency events will be as a lightning that flashes
in the sky."

Various UFO Channelers: "The cataclysms are all part
of purifying this Earth back to a millennium. What is
going to happen when you reach a certain point is that
you will have the first wave of ascension. Those whose
bodies cannot take this change will go in the first wave
of ascension. They will be taken up and their bodies 
will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. In the 
twinkling of an eye they will be removed from the
physical completely in the new spiritual body. There
will be many visits from the galaxies by inter-
dimensional beings, as from the Pleiades, to assist
and in some cases to rescue people and take them into
higher places. Those are the flying machines that you
are seeing coming into your galaxies that have been
preparing themselves for up to the last forty years.
Some never die on this earth, these missing persons
have already been taken, as their time was not up and
they were not meant to go through a demise. They
went through a lift-off in UFO's.

Reader, I find it interesting that there are books written
by those who are not Biblically taught, which speak
plainly of a sudden departure from earth of a certain
group of people. They know that something is coming
even to the point of developing a story to be told when
the church leaves. They are ready. Are you? Time is
short and we do not know how much longer we have
on earth before the Rapture and then the seven year
tribulation. Please do not wait to ask Jesus to come
into your heart and cleanse you from all sin.

"But when these things begin to take place, straighten
up and lift your heads, because your redemption is
drawing nigh.  Luke 21:28