Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Seek Him First

But seek first the kingdom of God and his
righteousness, and all these things will be
given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

Once it was a blessing,
Now it is the Lord;
Once it was a feeling,
Now it is His Word;
Once His gift I wanted,
Now the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing,
Now Himself alone.
WM Trumbull

Reader, this is a good word for today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

He Delights In You

How many of you believe that God delights in you?
Most of us feel that He tolerates us on a good day.
I watched a You Tube video this afternoon on this
very subject and rather than trying to summarize it,
I will post it below. Malcolm Smith is one of my
favorite teachers. He can get more out of one verse
of scripture than anyone I know. I once was at a
conference where he taught on one verse for one
hour, at least four times. And, each talk was differ-
ent in its emphasis. What was the verse?

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind 
is stayed on thee:  because he trusteth in thee.
Isaiah 26:3 King James

"He Delights in you" out of Luke 15

Friday, October 5, 2018

Perfected Forever

And they went in, went in male and female of all
flesh, as God had commanded him: and the Lord
shut him in.  Gen 7:16

Just as with Noah, how completely has God shut us
in a place of better blessing, by a covenant of His
own blood! There can then be no more offering for
sin--because there has been remission of all the be-
liever's sins and iniquities; but the blessing does not
stop here; the knowledge of the remission sets a
man apart to and for God--saying to him, as it were,
"You need look for nothing more either to cleanse
you or to make you meet. I, the Blood, am all you
want as to the question of acceptance: By Me you are
perfected for ever; go, go away from thinking about
self; go, go and serve God; for you are set apart to
Him--yes, perfected for Him. Let Him be your study,
your delight, your end in everything you do, or think,
or say."  George V Wigram  1805-1874

Here is a good biography:

Monday, October 1, 2018

Why Are You So Afraid?

"Don't you care if we perish...?" Mark 4:38

Many of you have read the story of Jesus sending the
boats and His disciples to the other side after a grueling
day of ministry. He lay down in the back of the boat
on a cushion and fell deeply asleep. Suddenly a furious
squall came up with waves pouring into the vessels.
These seasoned fishermen were terrified and resentment
rose within. "What's wrong with Jesus?  He is still sleep-
ing and we are about to drown! So, they shake him and
say, "Don't you care...?"

Jesus, does not answer them but stands in that rocking
boat and says something like, "stop" to the wind and
then speaks three words to the waves, "Peace, be still"

He then turns to His disciples--wimps everyone--and
says, "Why are you so afraid? Don't you even yet have
confidence in me?"

Reader, it is so easy to go from great joy and confidence
to descent into fear. Some days it comes with the morn-
ing coffee and the news....

God has not given us a spirit of fear, 
but of power, love and a sound mind!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fulness of Joy

You will show me the the path of life;
In Your presence is fulness of joy;
At your right hand are pleasures
    Forevermore. Psalm 16:11

In His presence is fulness of joy, and fulness of joy
is nowhere else. Just as the simple presence of the
mother makes the child's joy, so does the simple
fact of God's presence make our joy. The mother
may not make a single promise to the child or ex-
plain any of her plans or purposes, but she is, and
that is enough for the child. The child rejoices in
the mother herself, not in her promises. And to the
child there is behind all that changes and can change,
the one unchangeable joy of the mother's existence.
While the mother lives, the child will be cared for,
and the child instinctively, if not intelligently, re-
joices in knowing this.

And to the children of God as well there is behind all
that changes and can change, the once unchangeable
joy that God is. And while He is, His children will 
be cared for, and they ought to know it and rejoice in
it as instinctively and far more intelligently than the
child of human parents. What can God do, being what
He is? Neglect, indifference, forgetfulness, ignorance
are all impossible to Him. He knows everything. He
cares about everything. He can manage everything.
AND, He loves us! Hannah Whitall Smith

Reader, we saw some heartbreaking stories today of
children who have become Christians in hostile coun-
tries, but who will not not renounce their faith. They
have nothing. The parent they love is sometimes not
available to them, and school, for some is not  possible.
Yet, they cannot go back. The joy of the Lord, and His
protection His compassion sustains them.
They know they are loved. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Penny Dropped

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerers. 
Romans 8:37

What are these things? Tribulations, distresses, famine,
persecutions...For your sake we are killed all the day
long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 
(35,36.) The Amplified says that "we gain a surpassing 
victory through Him who loved us." Paul prays a 
prayer for the Ephesians church, Eph 1:17-23, in which he 
asks God that He "would give to them a spirit of wisdom 
and understanding, that the eyes of their understanding 
being enlightened they would know what is the exceed-
ing greatness of His power toward us who believe, 
according to the working of mighty power which He 
worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead..."

Surpassing victory, exceeding greatness, the working of 
mighty power, resurrection power!!!!!!

Reader, the penny has dropped. These thoughts are new
to me. For the past few days I have been pondering why 
Major Ian Thomas went from a discouraged legalist to 
a mighty force for God. Well, He discovered by reading 
scripture that within him was the resurrection power of 
His risen Lord! This understanding allowed him to move 
from failure to victory. He saw the Christian life as a 
challenge, as is the invigorating challenge of rock climb-
ing or shooting the rapids in spring. Most of the Centers 
He set up are located in an areas that offer physical chal-
lenges. Students come and study the Bible and then parti-
cipate in activities that stretch the mind and body. The 
physical and spiritual are then integrated. Most of the stu-
dents are on the younger side--those who want to be doing 
meaningful, difficult things. 

If you have not looked into this or if you want to know 
more about this man and what he birthed--as well as what 
continues through his four sons--check out the site below.

Now I wake up and say, "Lord within me is your power,
your resurrection power. May I live it out today."

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

An Exhilarating Life

Yesterday I shared a quote by Major Ian Thomas. I was
impressed with what I read about him and what he acom-
plished in his lifetime--and how it has been passed down
to the next generation. Here is part of his testimony:

"By the age of 19, every moment of my day was packed
tight with doing things. Thus by the age of 19, I had been
reduced to a state of complete spiritual exhaustion, until
I felt that there was no going on..."

"In my despair I discovered that the Lord Jesus Christ
gave Himself FOR me, so that risen from the dead, He 
might give Himself TO me, He who IS the Christian life. 
I learned to say, 'Lord Jesus, I can't, You never said  
could, but You can, and always you said you would. 
That is all I know.'  From that moment life became the 
adventure that God always intended it to be."

You can read his whole testimony by clicking into the
website and then scrolling down to "Learn more about 
Major W Ian Thomas." Today I looked more deeply into
the website and visited some of the 25 camps. It seems
that Major combined the Christian life with adventures
outside and he had a great love for young people.


He and his wife gathered Christian men and women at
the end of the WW 2 and shared the truth that Christ is 
Life. That He, the resurrected Lord lives within and that
He desires to be our power. It had an amazing impact on
the young people who named the experience as becoming
"Torchbearers" of His light. It is interesting to me that all
four of his son's and their wives joined the ministry which
continues to this day. Thomas died in 2007 at 92 but his
wife is still alive.

Reader, it was in 2005 that I came across the truth that
there is another way to live the Christian life that is not
connected to "oughts." I had plenty of intellectual know-
ledge but it seemed disconnected from my heart and I
was desperately dry. In the process I came across the
books of men like, T Austen-Sparks, Andrew Murray,
Watchman Nee, Oswald Chambers and others who under-
stood that we--
"have been crucified with Christ. (past tense.)
And now it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in 

Are you terribly dry and tired of trying to be a Christian?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Letter

You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts,
known and read by everybody. You show that you
are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry,
written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living
God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human
hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:2,3

The Christian life can only be explained in terms of
Jesus Christ, and if your life as a Christian can still
be explained in terms of you--your personality, your
will-power, your gift, your talent, your money, your
courage, your scholarship, your dedication, your sacri-
fice, or your anything--then although you may have
the Christian life, you are not yet living it!

If the way you live your life as a Christian can be ex-
plained in terms of you, what have you to offer to the
man who lives next door? The way he lives his life
can be explained in terms of him, and so far as he is
concerned, you happen to be "religious"--but he is
not! Christianity may be your hobby, but it is not his,
and there is nothing about the way you practice it
which strikes him as at all remarkable. There is 
nothing about you which leaves him guessing, and 
nothing commendable of which he does not feel him-
self equally capable without the inconvenience of 
becoming a Christian.

It is only when your quality of life baffles the neigh-
bors that you are likely to impress them. It has to to 
be patently obvious to others that the kind of life you 
are living is not only highly commendable, but that it 
is beyond all human explanation. That it is beyond the 
consequences of man's capacity to imitate, and how-
ever little they may understand this, clearly the conse-
quence only of God's capacity to reproduce Himself 
in you.

In a nutshell, this means your fellow-men must become
convinced that the Lord Jesus Christ of whom you 
speak, is essentially Himself the ingredient of the Life 
you live. Major Ian Thomas  191402007

Reader, this is a tough one. Only God can show me
how I am living my life. He wants me to tap into His
power in the inner man, So, when I realize that I am
functioning out of myself instead of from Him, I confess
it, and then give Him back the freedom to be the motor
within. So much more restful that way...

I have dug into the life of Major Ian Thomas and found
enough things to make this blog into two. Below is a
short video of part of a sermon which tugged at my heart.


Monday, September 17, 2018

The Law

...the strength of sin is the law. 
       1 Corinthians 15:56B

You can have Christian law just as much as much as
you can have Mosaic Law; you can be in bondage in
Christianity just as much as men were in Judaism.
Christianity can be made into an imposed system just
as much as Mosaic law was, and there are many Christ-
ians today who live under fear of the "Thou shalt" and
the "Thou shalt not" of a legalistic conception of the
Christian life.

You can take the Bible as God's standard for your life
and try to fulfill it and yet be burdened with a sense
of constant failure. It is God's standard, and it is a very
exhaustive one which leaves no part of the practical
life untouched, but those who make the effort to try to
live up to it only end in disillusion.

No, it is not just a matter of a Book, but of a Person, 
the Person who did live up to that standard, absolutely
 fulfilling every least demand and with the most perfect 
success, so satisfying God to the full. By His death He 
has delivered us from the bondage of legal demands. 
This same Person now lives in us by His Holy Spirit, 
seeking to work out that perfect will of God not on the 
basis of some binding instructions from without but as 
a living force within. We have the law written in our 

Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new
spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone
from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I
will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk 
in my statutes...Ezekiel 36:26, 27

To be in Christ is a matter of life and not of legalism.
T. Austin Sparks  1888-1971

Reader, I was so far into legalism that whatever I was
doing was not quite right and there was no freedom in
my relationship with God. About 13 years ago, God
began to lead me into the scriptures which painted a
picture of all that is IN CHRIST including that big word
"sanctification." It is His Life in me that brings Life to
all I am doing. What freedom!  What joy!

T. Austin Sparks life:

Monday, August 20, 2018


After a week of fretting about this and that I read
Psalm 37 and found this encouragement:

Do not fret because of evil doers.
   Trust in the Lord and do good
    Feed on faithfulness
    Delight yourself in the Lord
    Commit your way to Him
                      HE SHALL BRING IT TO PASS
    Do not fret
    Forsake wrath
    Do not fret--it only causes harm

Wait on the Lord
And keep His way.


The steps of a good man are
    ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.
Though he fall, he shall not be
    utterly cast down.
For the Lord upholds him
    with His hand.

Reader, we leave Tuesday for Europe and we
will be there for three weeks so I thought that
I would give you something to ponder while
we are away. Please pray for us.
Thank you! (We will be visiting our daughter's
family. How wonderful is that!)
PS Plans were thwarted today and there was
a way around them. God is in the mix. He is
our sovereign God! Did not fret because of
words in the above Psalm:
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the 
Lord, and He delights in his way..."

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Sweetest Rose

We must go through hardships to enter the kingdom
of God. Acts 14:22

The best things in life are the result of being wounded.
Wheat must be crushed before becoming bread, and
the incense must be burned by fire before its fragrance
is set free. The earth must be broken with a sharp plow
before being ready to receive the see. And it is a bro-
ken heart that pleases God.

Yes, the sweetest joys of life are the fruits of sorrow.
Human nature seems to need suffering to make it fit
to be a blessing to the world.

"Beside my cottage door it grows,
The loveliest, daintiest flower that blows,
A sweetbrier rose.

At dewy morn or twilight's close,
The rarest perfume from it flows,
This strange wild rose.

But when the raindrops on it beat,
Ah, then, its odors grow more sweet,
About my feet.

Often with loving tenderness,
Its soft green leaves I gently press,
In sweet caress.

A still more wondrous fragrance flows
The more my fingers close
And crush the rose.

Dear Lord, Oh, lit my life be so
Its perfume when strong winds blow,
The sweeter flow.

And should it be Your blessed will,
With crushing grief my soul to fill,
Press harder still.

And while its dying fragrance flows
I'll whisper low, "He loves and knows
His crushed brier rose."

If you aspire to be a person of consolation, if you want
to share the priestly gift of sympathy, if you desire to
go beyond giving commonplace comfort to a heart that
is tempted, and if you long to go through the daily ex-
changes of life with the kind of tact that never inflicts
pain, then you must be prepared to pay the price for a
costly education--for like Christ, you must suffer.
Frederick William Robertson.

Reader, it is not what I want to hear. I don't like the
negatives dropping into my life, but it is comforting
to know that God is in the midst of it all for my good
and His glory. I find that in these times everyday be-
comes a challenge in some way or another.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Walk It Out

They that wait upon the Lord...shall walk and not 
faint.  Isaiah 40:31

There is no thrill in walking; it is the test of the stable 
qualities. To "walk and not faint" is the highest reach 
possible for strength. The word "walk" is used in the 
Bible to express character--John looking on Jesus as 
He walked, said, "Behold the Lamb of God." There is 
never anything abstract in the Bible, it is always vivid 
and real. God does not say--Be spiritual, but--"Walk 
before Me."

When we are in an unhealthy state physically or emo-
tionally, we always want thrills. In the physical do-
main this will lead to counterfeiting the Holy Ghost; 
in the emotional life it leads to inordinate affection 
and the destruction of morality; and in the spiritual 
domain if we insist on getting thrills, on mounting up 
with wings, it will end in the destruction of spirituality.

The reality of God's presence is not dependent on any 
place, but only dependent upon the determination to 
set the Lord always before us. Our problems come 
when we refuse to bank on the reality of His presence. 
The experience the Psalmist speaks of--"Therefore we 
will not fear, though..." will be ours when once we are 
based on Reality, not the consciousness of God's pre-
sence but the reality of it--Why, He has been there all 
the time!

At critical moments it is necessary to ask guidance, 
but it ought to be unnecessary to be saying always--
"O Lord, direct me here and there." Of course He 
will if our common-sense decisions are not His order, 
He will press through them and check; then we must 
be quiet and wait for the direction of His presence.

Reader--"must be quiet" is quite a fete these days! The
word "wait" might has almost been removed from our
vocabulary. It is difficult to get quiet in a culture that
worships sound, but it is very worthwhile...

Monday, August 13, 2018

A Story

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
1 Corinthians 15:57

A pickpocket once strolled into a rescue mission and
was converted. He saw in Christ pardon for sins and
power against them. Rejoicing in a new life he went
on his way planning for the future. "In my unregener-
ate days," said he to himself, "I used to pick twenty
pockets a day. But now I am a Christian man, and I
know that to pick pockets is a sin. So I must give it
up--gradually, of course. Tomorrow I'll make a start
and for the rest of this month I shall pick only ten
pockets a day: next month by striving and struggling
against this sin, I'll cut down to five a day--for I am
a Christian man now. By the end of the year by con-
stant endeavor (and the help of God) I hope to give
up picking pockets altogether."

Do you believe that story? The writer does not. But
have we not been guilty of this very thing in our deal-
ing with bad temper, pride, irritability, jealousy, un-
loved? We expect a pickpocket, or a drunkard, or a 
gambler to give up his sin once and for all--the very
moment of his conversion. We tell him--and tell him
truly--that Christ is able to give him complete and
instant victory. Is God unable to give us a similar vic-
tory over what we deem to be lesser sins? He is able
to make us "more than conquerors."

Victory is a gift of God and not a growth. Paul recog-
sized this. He did not say, "Thanks be to God who 
gives us a gradual victory," but "gives us the victory
through Jesus Christ our Lord."

There is no such thing as a gradual victory over sin--
although we may think there is. God's gifs are perfect.
the fact is, He gives us Jesus Christ Himself to dwell
in our hearts by faith. And Jesus Christ keeps us.
Can we trust Christ to do it?   
An unknown Christian

Reader, I came across this story some time ago and
it caught my attention--after I thought about it for
awhile. May you find him adequate to deliver you
out of every dominating sin. He really is our victory!

Friday, August 10, 2018

An Old Hymn

Lord Jesus Christ I seek Thy face,
Within the veil I bow the knee;
O, let Thy glory fill the place,
And bless me while I wait on Thee.

I thank Thee for the precious blood
That purged my sins and brought me nigh,
All cleansed and sanctified to God,
Thy Holy Name to magnify.

Shut in with Thee, far, far above
The restless world that wars below,
I seek to learn and prove Thy love,
They wisdom and Thy grace to know.

The brow that once with Thorns was bound
Thy hands, Thy side I fain would see;
Draw near, Lord Jesus, glory crowned,
And bless me while I wait on Thee.
Alexander Stewart 1843-1923

Reader, I had penned this poem back in 1996
and found it as I was going through my diary.
There is something to say for the old hymns
that open up our hearts to God.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Do Not Despair

I would have despaired unless I had believed that 
would see the goodness of the Lord...Wait for the
Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage.
Psalm 27:13-14


Oh, how great the temptation is to despair at times!
Our soul becomes depressed and disheartened, and
our faith staggers under the severe trials and testing
that comes into our lives, especially during times 
of bereavement and suffering. We may come to the
place where we say, "I cannot bear this any longer.
I am close to despair under these circumstances God
has allowed. He tells me not to despair, but what am
I supposed to do at this point?"

It is the same when you are tempted to despair under
Spiritual afflictions. Once you have come close to the 
point of despair, God's message is not, "Be strong 
and courageous", for He knows that your strength 
and courage have run away. Instead, He says sweetly, 

Hudson Taylor was so weak and feeble in the last few
months of his life that he told a friend "I am so weak
I cannot write. I cannot read my Bible. I cannot even
pray. All I can do is lie still in the arms of God as a 
little child, trusting Him. " This wonderful man of God, 
who had great spiritual power, came to the point of 
physical suffering and weakness where all he could do 
was lie still and trust.

That is all God asks of you as His dear child. When
you become weak through the fierce fires of affliction,
do not try to "be strong." Just "be still, and know that
He is God." And know that He will sustain you and 
bring you through the fire. (He is satisfied with you.)
LB Cowman

Reader, my heart goes out to those of you who are
going through deep waters with no shore in sight. It
becomes unbearable if we think that we are letting
God down in unbelief. No, dear one, you just need
to learn how to lean...

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Reader, I remember as a little girl that it was so impor-
tant to be chosen to be on a team. I didn't care which
team it was, just getting chosen was enough.

You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you...
John 15:16

Let no one be troubled by this matter of election. It 
is a family secret. I would not preach election to the 
world. Election goes before all. I come to the door 
of a certain place, where peace and plenty reigns, and
joy and happiness fill the hearts of the dwellers therein. 
On the door I find written, "Whosoever will may enter 
in." That is the Gospel: I enter, and on the other side 
of the door I find written, "Whosoever gets in here will 
never get out!" That is my security, the fruit of election.

There is nothing to trouble a soul in election, but con-
trariwise much to comfort. God has chosen you, if a 
believer in Christ, before the foundation of the world.
The things which are in heaven God is going to keep
for you, and He is going to keep you for them.
WTP Wolston

I believe the doctrine of election because I am quite
sure that if God had not chosen me, I would never
have chosen Him; and I am sure He chose me before
I was born, or else he never would have chosen me
afterwards. Charles Spurgeon.

...He has chosen us in Him before the foundation 
of the world, that we should be holy and without
blame before Him...  Ephesians 1:4

Reader, it is not our making ourselves holy, but the
promise is that we are made holy through the power
of His blood. Not only does God choose us--oh,
glory--but He makes us perfect in His Son. Now,
that is incredible! I am chosen by GOD!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Our Salvation is of God

He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob; neither hath 
he seen perverseness in Israel...Numbers 23:21

Our salvation is of God, of the Father, who chose us
before the beginning of time; and of the eternal Son,
who, in the deep counsel of the ever-blessed Trinity,
undertook to redeem us and to bring us unto glory;
and of the Spirit, who in the same eternal love was
appointed to enlighten, quicken, and renew the elect
unto the blessedness of the everlasting inheritance.

This eternal, absolute, free, and unchanging love is re-
vealed and given to us in the Lord Jesus Christ, who
by one offering has perfected for ever all who believe
in His name. By His death He has separated us from
our guilt and death, and brought us unto God.

He has sanctified Himself for us, and us to Him. Be-
lievers have been sanctified and presented unblamable
before the Father in the person of the Lord Jesus. The
Father's good pleasure or delight rests now on the
people for whom Christ died.

Thus God is always beholding us in Christ, and with
eternal love. He beholds neither iniquity in Jacob, nor
doth He see perverseness in Israel; although we stand
before Him in the brightness of the all-revealing light,
He sees us clothed with white garments, and cleansed
in the blood of Jesus Christ His Son.

And although we are constantly failing and falling, 
yet does He behold our faith as never failing, and 
ourselves as firm as Mount Zion, which cannot be 
moved, but stands fast for ever. With never-changing 
fervency and tenderness of love God beholds us cho-
sen, redeemed, sanctified in Christ Jesus.

Perfection is now given to all who believe. God Himself
is our salvation, Jehovah Himself is our righteousness.
Christ's inheritance is our inheritance. The source of
eternal love, self-moved, infinite, ocean without shore;
the channel is free abounding grace, the gift is eternal
life, even life by the Holy Spirit in oneness with Jesus;
the foundation is the obedience of Christ, eternal in its
origin, infinite in its value, and unspeakably God-
pleasing in its character.

How willing are we to forsake our own thoughts, to 
give up our own righteousness, to forget works and 
feelings, and to stand still, in awe and joyous adoration 
beholding Jehovah bringing near  His salvation and 
His righteousness! 
"Of God are we in Christ Jesus, whom God has made 
for us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, 
and redemption: that, according as it is written,  He 
that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord."
SAPHIR, ADOLPH (1831–1891)

Reader, the man who wrote this grew up in a Jewish house-
hold in Hungary. His family was converted in Scotland and
he went on to receive many degrees and ended up pastoring
in the Presbyterian Church. He helped others see the close
connection between the Old and New Testaments. He knew
what it was to live under law--and fail. His bio is below. He has 
made some outrageous statements above. However, I have 
found them true in my later life and it is these which have set 
me free to live life out of His abundance, and not my puny 


Monday, August 6, 2018

Deep Travail

Walking around in the fire. Daniel 3:25

When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown
into the furnace, the fire did not stop them from moving,
for they were seen "walking around." Actually, the fire
was one of the streets they traveled to their destination.
The comfort we have from Christ's revealed truth is not
that it teaches us freedom from sorrow, but that it teaches
us freedom through sorrow.

O dear God, when darkness overshadows me, teach me 
that I am merely traveling through a tunnel. It will then 
be enough for me to know that someday it will be all right.

I have been told that someday I will stand on the top of the 
Mount of Olives and experience the height of resurrection 
glory. But heavenly Father, I want more--I want Calvary to 
lead up to it. I want to know that the shadows of darkness 
are the shade on a road--the road leading to Your heavenly 
house. Teach me that the reason I must climb the hill is be-
cause Your house is there! Knowing this, I will not be hurt 
by sorrows, if I will only walk in the fire. 
George Matheson  1842-1906

George Matheson was a blind Scottish pastor widely be-
loved for his beautiful sermons. He also wrote the hymn
"O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go" during a time he des-
cribed as "the most severe mental suffering." Written in
only five minutes, Matheson claimed the hymn was "dic-
tated to me by some inward voice."

Reader, The dark night of the soul comes to all who fol-
low their Lord. It is the Christian's common bond with
one another, and with the crucified Christ. I pray that this
blog will bring you comfort in knowing that God is in
the mix of everything that befalls you, and, He is coming
soon! In the meantime we walk through the tunnel to-
ward the light that will bring us into freedom and joy--

A longer biography

The beautiful hymn written on a terrible night of suffering.

Friday, August 3, 2018

He Shall Be Satisfied

He shall see the travail of his soul, and shall be
satisfied...  Isaiah 53:11

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ." We are blessed in God, but do we realize
how blessed God is in us? We scarcely understand
the surface meaning of such words, to say nothing
of their hidden depths. A blessed people with a
blessed God! Not one of us is going to be disap-
pointed. A thousandth part has not been told. We
shall be satisfied; and shall Christ be dissatisfied
concerning us? "He shall see the travail of His
soul, and shall be satisfied."
Henry Groves 1818-1890

The Christian ought to be the most dignified person
in the world. We do not think half enough of our-
selves as we are before God.
Edward Dennett 1831-1914--I had trouble finding
much on him, but he has such wonderful pithy

Reader, Matthew Henry has written: The saints are
God's jewels, highly esteemed by and dear to Him;
they are a royal diadem in His hand. We tend to
demean ourselves as we look at the flesh, but God
looks through the fluff and is satisfied.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Secret of the Lord

The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him.
Psalm 25:14

There are certain secrets of God's providence He allows
His children to learn. Often, however, at least on the
surface, His dealings with them appear to be harsh and
hidden. Yet faith lilts deeper and says, "This is God's
secret. You are looking on the outside, but I look deeper
and see the hidden meaning."

Remember, diamonds are found in the rough, and their
true value cannot be seen. And when  the tabernacle was
built in the wilderness, there was nothing ornate about
its outward appearance. In fact, the outer covering of 
the thick hides of sea cows gave no hint of the valuable
things inside.

Dear friend, God may send you some valuable gifts
wrapped in unattractive paper. But do not worry about
the wrappings,for you can be sure that inside He has
hidden treasures of love, kindness, and wisdom. If we
simply take what He sends and trust Him for the bles-
sings inside, we will learn the meaning of the secrets
of His providence, even in times of darkness.
A. B. Simpson  1844-1919

Reader, those rough diamonds will be unwrapped at the
coming of our King Jesus. We may not be able to see
anything of value, but our Lord does!

For those who have not read his bio, it is below:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Everyone Means All

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall
be saved. Joel 2:32

So why don't I call on His name? Why do I run to this
person and that person, when God is so near and will
hear my faintest call? Why do I sit down to plot my
own course and make my own plans? Why don't I im-
mediately place myself and my burden on the Lord?

Straight ahead is the best way to run, so why don't I
run directly to the living God? Instead, I look in vain
for deliverance everywhere else, but with God I will
find it. With Him I have His royal promise: "(I) will
be saved." And with Him I never need to ask if I may
call on Him or not, for the word "everyone" is all en-
compassing. It includes me and means anybody and
everybody who calls upon His name. Therefore I will
trust in this verse and will immediately call on the
glorious Lord who has made such a great promise.

My situation is urgent, and I cannot see how I will 
ever be delivered. Yet this is not my concern, for He
who made the promise will find a way to keep it. My
part is simply to obey His commands, not to direct
His ways. I am His servant, not His advisor. I call 
upon Him and He will deliver me.
Charles Spurgeon  1834-1892

Reader, this was a man of God who did not flinch from
controversy when it came to the Word of God and the
atoning death of Jesus Christ.
Not long ago I was calling upon the Lord about a diffi-
cult situation and He said to me,
"I will do it all for you, Jane. And--He has!!!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Strangers and Pilgrims

The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the
world all who dwell in it. Psalm 24:1

The true Christian, in strict propriety of speech, has no
home here: he is, and must be, a stranger and a pilgrim
upon the earth: his citizenship, treasure, and real home
are in a better world; and every step he takes, whether
to the east or west, is a step nearer to his Father's house.

On the other hand, when in the path of duty, he is always 
at home, for the whole earth is the Lord's: and, as we see 
the same sun in England or Italy, in Europe or Asia, so, 
wherever he is, equally sets the Lord always before him, 
and finds himself equally near the Throne of Grace at all 
times and in all places. God is everywhere; and, by faith 
in the Great Mediator, he dwells in God, and God in him.
John Newton 1725-1807

Reader, even as a child I knew this was not my home, as
I bellowed out the song, "This world is not my home, I'm 
just a passin' through. My treasure is laid up somewhere 
beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from heaven's o-
pen door, and I can't stay at home in this world anymore." 
Now, 65 or so years later I realize just how quickly life
passes and where our treasure really lies.

John Newton is a showcase of God's power both to save
and redeem one who despised anything good. Newton's
godly mother died when he was seven but her prayers
and words surely kept him alive and brought him to God
at just the right time.


Monday, July 30, 2018

God Promised

God, who does not lie, promised. Titus 1:2

Faith is not conjuring up, through an act of your will,
a sense of certainty that something is going to happen.
No, it is recognizing God's promise as an actual fact,
believing it is true, rejoicing in the knowledge of the
truth, and then simply resting because God said it.

Faith turns a promise into a prophecy. A promise is
contingent upon our cooperation, but when we exer-
cise genuine faith in it, it becomes a prophecy. Then
we can move ahead with certainty that it will come
to pass, because "God...does not lie."
From Days of Heaven upon Earth

Reader, all of us have something that we are trusting
God to do in our lives. Sometimes it is only wishful
thinking and one cannot expect the outcome to be
what is wished. But, when there is a booming voice,
or a quiet whisper that brings us into joyful faith,
then, it becomes prophetic, and a place of rest. Sarah
was not quite there, but Abraham pleased God be-
cause He believed God. ( I still need to renew, some-
times, a "prophecy"given to me 26 years ago in a
booming voice!)

Abraham believed God and it was counted unto 
him for righteousness... 
But to him that works not, but believes on him 
that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for 
righteousness. (Romans 4:3, 5)

Friday, July 27, 2018

He IS Coming

...and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, 
and we shall be changed. I Corinthians 15:52

Thou art coming, O my Savior, Thou art coming, O my King,
In Thy beauty all resplendent, In Thy glory all transcendent;
Well may we rejoice and sing: 
Coming in the opening east 
Herald brightness slowly swells; 
Coming! O my glorious Priest, Hear we not Thy golden bells?

Thou art coming, Thou are coming; 
We shall meet Thee on Thy way,
We shall see Thee, we shall know Thee, 
We shall bless Thee, we shall show Thee
All our hearts could never say:
What an anthem that will be, Ringing out our love to Thee,
Pouring out our rapture sweet At Thine own all glorious feet.
Thou art coming, at Thy table We are witnesses for this;
While rememb'ring hearts Thou meetest
In communion clearest, sweetest,
Earnest of our coming bliss,
Showing not Thy death alone, And Thy love exceeding great,
But Thy coming and Thy throne, All for which we long and 

O the joy to see Thee reigning,Thee, my own beloved Lord!
Every tongue Thy Name confessing,
Worship, honor, glory, blessing
Brought to Thee with glad accord:
Thee my Master and my Friend,Vindicated and enthroned;
Unto earth's remotest end Glorified, adored, and owned.
Frances Havergal  1836-1879

Reader, it has been two thousand years since Jesus was
taken up to heaven with the promise that He will return.
The Apostles and early church Fathers wrote that the
church at that time needed to be watching. The Good News
is that He is still coming "at a time we think not." The pro-
mise of His coming has fallen off the church radar recently
and yet, the signs of a coming one world government are
everywhere, if we could just see how fast the tribulation is
coming together. Jesus said we were to "watch and pray."
Paul wanted to bring as many into salvation as he could.
Nothing kept him from preaching the Gospel. Oh, that we
would understand that the time is short and many are lost.
Ask God to be a witness, through you, of His salvation.

"Did anyone ever tell you that God sent His only Son to
die on the cross for your sins so that you can have eternal
life in heaven?"

I have had many responses to this question. At the very
least it is an opener to a deeper discussion. I dare say,
many have never heard this. If you are reading this and
are unsure of your salvation, get hold of the Gospel of
John and ask God to show you just who Jesus is.

Below is a beautiful biography of "Fanny" Havergal. She

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Behold The Lamb

God has given him a name which is above
every name  Philippians 2:9

Jesus! the name high over all,
In hell, or earth, or sky;
Angels and men before it fall,
And devils fear and fly.

Jesus! the name to sinners dear,
The name to sinners given;
It scatters all their guilty fear,
It turns their hell to heaven.

Jesus! the prisoner's fetters breaks,
And bruises Satan's head;
Power into strengthless souls it speaks,
And life into the dead.

O that the world might taste and see
The riches of His grace;
The arms of love that compass me
Would all mankind embrace.

His only righteousness I show,
His saving grace proclaim;
'Tis all my business here below
To cry: Behold the Lamb!

Happy, if with my latest breath
I might but gasp His name;
Preach Him to all, and cry in death:
Behold, behold the Lamb!
Charles Wesley 1707-88

Reader, 18,000 college students sang this hymn
at Urbana, IL  in 1967 just before we piled into
busses on New Year's Eve. I headed back to
Colorado. Every student generation IVCF had
a missionary conference which had grown from
3,000 students to the 18,000 in seven years. It
was amazing to be surrounded by so many voices
in worship. Glen and I both attended that con-
ference and committed to pray about going into
missions in the future. I met him in NYC in Jan-
uary of 1969 and in 1999 we joined MAI to help
plant churches by bringing communities into
health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Wow!

I love this hymn! (only one was good enough to
send to you, but the organ and the singers are not
quite together. It was produced in London... I did
enjoy the majesty of it.)


Monday, July 23, 2018

A Faith That Rests

For we which have believed do enter His rest...
the works were finished from the foundation
of the world. Hebrews 4:3

A great many people have the faith that seeks, but they
have not a faith that rests. The Lord Jesus is here, rest
in Him, let the burden go. "Lord I trust You now. I a-
bide in You now. Lord, as I think about my home pro-
blems, my business pressures, my personal difficulties
in every sphere of life, I bring them all, and give them
all to You." Believe that He keeps you. I am sure this
rest of faith is the center of all activity.
Evan Hopkins 1837-1918

Reader, Few believers today have any concept of "rest"
that comes from knowing God and how it impacts every
phase of life. We can rest even on our busiest days. It is
the anxiety and unbelief that gets us. I love the phrase
that "the works were finished from the foundation of 
the world." Think on this...

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Resting But Not Lazy

There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people
of God; for anyone who enters God's rest also 
rests from his own work, just as God did from
his.  Hebrews 4: 9-10

It is this resting from their own work which many
Christians cannot understand. They think of it as
a state of passive and selfish enjoyment, of still
contemplation which leads to the neglect of the
duties of life, and undermines watchfulness and
warfare to which Scripture calls.

Yet, this is an entire misunderstanding of God's call
to rest. As the Almighty, God is the only source of
power. In nature He works all. In grace He waits to
work all too, if man will but consent and allow.
Truly to rest in God is to yield oneself up to the
highest activity. We work, because He works in us
to will and to do.

As Paul says of himself, "I labor, striving according
to His working who works in me with might" which
literally means "agonizing according to His energy
who energizes me with might. Entering the rest of
God is the ceasing from self-effort, and the yielding
up oneself in the full surrender of faith to God's work-

How many Christians are there who need nothing so
much as rightly  to apprehend this word. Their life is
one of earnest effort and ceaseless struggling. They
do long to do God's will, and to live to His glory. Con-
tinued failure and bitter disappointment is their too
frequent experience. Very often as the result they give
themselves up to a feeling hopelessness: it never will
be otherwise. Theirs is truly the wilderness life--they
have not entered into God's rest.

Would that God might open their eyes, and show them
Jesus as our Joshua, who has entered into God's pre-
sense, who sits upon the throne as High Priest, bring-
ing us in living union with Himself into that place of
rest and of love, and, by His Spirit within us, making
that life of heaven a reality and an experience.
Andrew Murray  1828-1917 His work was in South
Africa. The biography below is excellent. Murray is
one of my favorite authors!

Reader, learning to rest in God can take a lifetime!
or not...


Murray's prayer:
"May not a single moment of my life be spent outside
the life, love and joy of God's presence. And not a
moment without the entire surrender of myself as a
vessel for Him to fill full of His Spirit and His love."

Friday, July 20, 2018

He Will Do It

He will do this   Psalm 37:5

I once believed that after I prayed, it was my respon-
sibility to do everything in my power to bring about
the answer. Yet God taught me a better way and
showed me that self-effort always hinders His work.
He also revealed that when I prayed and had confi-
dent trust in Him for something, He simply wanted
me to wait in an attitude of praise and do only what
He told me. Sitting still, doing nothing except trust-
ing in the Lord, causes a feeling of uncertainty, and
there is often a tremendous temptation to take the
battle into our own hands...

Often we fail to give God an opportunity to work,
not realizing that it takes time for Him to answer
prayer. It takes time for God to color a rose or to
grow a great oak tree. And it takes time for Him to
make bread from wheat fields. He takes the soil,
then grinds and softens it. He enriches it and wets
it with rain showers and with dew. Then He brings
the warmth of life of life to the small blade of grass,
later grows the stalk and the amber grain. After a
season Man harvests the ripened grain to make the 

All this takes time. Therefore we sow the seed, till
the ground, and then wait and trust until God's pur-
pose is fulfilled. We understand the principle when
it comes to planting a field, and we need to learn
the same lesson regarding our prayer life. It takes
time for God to answer prayer.
J. H. M.  Charles Henry MacIntosh 1820-1896

Reader, when my dad was a boy he planted a seed,
then every day when he watered it he dug is up to
see how things were going. Well, they weren't. I
think that we are prone to try and see the progress
that God is making--when it is mostly below ground.

A nineteenth century saint:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

To Know Him

That I may know Him.  Philippians 3:10

The initiative of the saint is not towards self-reali-
zation, but towards knowing Jesus Christ. The spiri-
tual saint never believes circumstances to be hapha-
zard, or thinks of his life as secular and sacred; he 
sees everything he is dumped down in as the means 
of securing the knowledge of Jesus Christ. There is 
a reckless abandonment about him. The Holy Spirit 
is determined that we shall realize Jesus Christ in e-
very domain of life, and He will bring us back to the 
same point again and again until we do. Self-realiza-
tion leads to enthronement of work. Whether it be 
eating or drinking or washing disciples' feet, what-
ever it is, we have to take the initiative of realizing 
Jesus Christ in it. Every phase of our actual life has 
its counterpart in the life of Jesus. Our Lord realized
His relationship to the Father even in the most men-
ial work. 

"Jesus knowing...
that He was come from God, and was going to God...
Took a towel... 
and began to wash the disciples' feet."

The aim of the spiritual saint is "that I may know
Him." Do you know Him today? If not, I am fail-
ing Him. I am here not to realize myself, but to
know Jesus. In Christian work the initiative is too
often the realization that something has to be done
and I must do it. That is never the attitude of the
spiritual saint; his aim is to secure the realization
of Jesus Christ in every set of circumstances he is
in. Oswald Chambers

Reader, it is interesting to me that whoever is follow-
ing the devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, will
recognize the three blogs as coming to them recently.
I have not paid attention to the dates, but it seems to
me that these treasures are worthy of repetition!

This one, "He will bring us back to the same point un-
til we do," has been the story of most of my life. A-
round and around the same mountain, but in recent
years it is not as much. Praise God for His faithfulness.
He won't let me get away with anything!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A High Goal

Till we all come...unto the measure of the stature of the 
fulness of Christ. Ephesians 4:13

Rehabilitation means the putting back of the whole human 
race into the relationship God designed it to be in, and this 
is what Jesus Christ did in Redemption. The church ceases 
to be a spiritual society when it is on the lookout for the de-
velopment of its own organization. The rehabilitation of the 
human race on Jesus Christ's plan means the realization of 
Jesus Christ in corporate life as well as in individual life. 
Jesus Christ sent apostles and teachers for this purpose--
that the corporate Personality might be realized. We are not
here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy spirit-
tual retirement; we are here so to realize Jesus Christ that 
the Body of Christ may be built up.

Am I building up the Body of Christ, or am I looking for 
my own personal development only? The essential thing 
is my personal relationship to Jesus Christ--
"That I may know Him."
To fulfill God's design means entire abandonment to Him.
Whenever I want things for myself, the relationship is dis-
torted. It will be a big humiliation to realize that I have 
not been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ, but only 
about realizing what He has done for me.

My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace,
Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

Am I measuring my life by this standard or by anything
less?  Oswald Chambers

Reader, I can't help thinking that the modern church is
all about blessings and what He has done for us. Surely
this will not carry us when persecutions and tribulation
come. We must know Him. Do I? Do you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.
Isaiah 6:1

Our soul's history with God is frequently the history of
the "passing of the hero." Over and over again God has
to remove our friends in order to bring Himself in their
place, and that is where we faint and fail and get dis-
couraged. Take it personally: In the year that the one
who stood to me for all that God was, died--I gave up
everything? I became ill? I got disheartened? or--I
saw the Lord?

My vision of God depends upon the state of my charac-
ter. Character determines revelation. Before I can say,
"I saw the Lord," there must be something correspond-
ing to God in my character. Until I am born again and
begin to see the Kingdom of God, I see along the line
of my prejudices only; I need the surgical operation of
external events and an internal purification.

It must be God first, God second, and God third, until
the life is faced steadily with God, and no one else is
of any account whatever. "In all the world there is none
but thee, my God, there is none but thee."

Keep paying the price. Let God see that you are willing
to live up to the vision. Oswald Chambers 1874-1917

Reader, I get far more out of these posts than you do!!!

Ten things you never heard about Oswald Chambers
Oswald Chambers
His biography--not very long

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Commit to Him Your Plans

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans
will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Seek entirely to depend on God for everything. Put
yourself and your work into His hands. When think-
ing of any new undertaking, ask, "Is this agreeable
to the mind of God? Is it for His glory?"

If it is not for His glory, it is not for our good, and
you must have nothing to do with it. Mind that!
Having settled that a certain course is for the glory
of God, begin it in His name, and continue it to the

Undertake it in prayer and faith, and never give up!
Pray, pray, pray, pray! Do not regard iniquity in
your heart. If you do, the Lord will not hear you.
Keep that before you always. Then trust in God.
Depend on only God. Wait on Him. Believe on
Him. Expect great things from Him. Faint not if
the blessing tarries. Pray, pray, pray!

And, above all, rely only upon the merits of our
ever-adorable Lord and Savior, that, according to
His infinite merits, and not your own, the prayers
you offer and the work you do, will be accepted.
George Mueller  1805-1898--was active in the
Plymouth Brethren movement but most widely
known for his work in establishing orphanages
which were run totally on faith. He concluded
his last worldwide mission tour at the age of 87.

Reader, what a great encouragement to check in
with God about both going into something new
and  whether or not it is to continue. This man
had great faith. His bio is posted below. Wow!
So challenging...
Not what you might think.


Friday, July 13, 2018

A Supernatural Transfusion

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live;
yet not I, but Christ liveth in me...
Galatians 2:20

The true Christian life, which begins with a super-
natural transition, consists and continues in a 
supernatural transfusion.

The very life and nature of Christ are transfused
into the innermost being of the Christian believer
by the Holy Spirit. Thus our Savior's word is ful-
filled: "Because I live, ye shall live also." John
14:19. Paul not only says, "I live, yet not I;" he
goes on to say, "but Christ liveth in me." There
is not only transition; there is transfusion. This is 
the most precious sacred secret of the Christian 
life. The man of the world neither understands it 
nor even suspects it. Yet oh, how real it is to our 
Lord's own!

Now just because of this supernatural transfu-
sion, the New Testament ideal for our Christian
life is that there will be within us a continual
displacement of the old self-life, and an ever-
clearer enthronement of the new Christ-life. 
All of us, by nature, are ego-centric, self-cen-
tered; but we are meant to become Christ-
centered. Christ is to be the new life within 
our life; the new mind within our mind; the 
new will within our will; the new love within 
our love; the new Person within our personality... 

The whole of our consciousness is meant to 
be penetrated with the consciousness of His 
indwelling life and mind and will and love, 
even as the air in Summer is transfused with 
J Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999) is a prolific 
author on the Christian life. His books in-
Awake My Heart and Explore the Book.

Reader, I have never heard of this man so I
looked him up and found a wonderful bio-
graphy. I think you will enjoy looking over
the ups and downs of his life. He lived out
what he preached.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Power Through Weakness

That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weak-
nesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions,
in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am
strong.  2 Corinthians 12:10

The literal translation of this verse adds a startling
emphasis to it, allowing it to speak for itself with
power we have probably never realized. It is as
follows: "Therefore I take pleasure in being with-
out strength, being insulted, experiencing emergen-
cies, and being chased and forced into a corner for
Christ's sake; for when I am without strength, I 
am dynamite.

The secret of knowing God's complete sufficiency
is in coming to the end of everything in ourselves
and our circumstances.  Once we reach this point,
we will stop seeking sympathy, because we will
recognize these things as the necessary conditions
for blessings. We will then turn from our circum-
stances to God, realizing they are the evidence of
Him working in our lives. AB Simpson 1844-1919

Reader, what if we posted this on our refrigerators,
bathroom mirrors, or the dash of the car? "When I
am without strength, I am dynamite!" What if I
really believed it? At the very least I would smile
more; laugh more easily. So, I challenge all my
readers to seriously consider the verse above.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

More on Solitude

God has made me a lonely person...I was always
a solitary soul, thinking more for, than with
people:  but it is good to be more alone--most
good, if it be more alone with Christ. What a
place that is!  John Darby

A little bird I am,
Shut from the fields of air;
And in my cage I sit and sing
To Him who placed me there;
Well pleased a prisoner to be,
Because, my God, it pleases Thee.
Jeanne Guyon  1648-1717

Reader, there will come a day when loneliness,
being misunderstood, rejection, will pass away
forever. There is a day coming when we will see
Him face to face. In the meantime He has said,
"I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Madame Guyon found herself in hot water from
an early age with both her mother-in-law and
the Catholic Church. Guyon was married off at
age fifteen by her parents. She was widowed at
age 28 having born five children, two of which
survived childhood.  She was imprisoned in
France because the Catholic Church thought her
teachings to be heretical. Guyon believed that sal-
vation is by grace alone and that it is possible to
pray without ceasing. Very radical!

Monday, July 9, 2018


Thou shall hide them in the secret of thy presence.  
Psalm 31:20

All our best experiences come when we are alone
with God. There are sorrows which we can endure
in no other place. Grief is of many kinds, but all 
grief that is really terrible and heart-crushing sends
us into speechless solitude to weep it out upon the
heart of God.

There are temptations which can be overcome only
when alone with Him. The fight with the adversary 
is a solitary combat after all. And there are deep joys
that can come into us only when alone with God, the
joy of feeling Christ's personal love, the joy of find-
ing His strength made perfect in our weakness, the
joy of bringing our empty vessels to the Divine full-
ness of His grace, waiting till he fills them, and see-
ing them overflow...

We need deep communion with Christ if we are to get 
it at all. There is no part of a tree so invisible as its 
roots: but none more essential to its growth and fruit-
fulness: and just as the visible condition of the tree is 
an unfailing index of what the unseen roots are doing, 
our visible lives will soon tell whether or not our invi-
sible roots are going deep: for dryness below ground 
soon means deadness above ground.
G H Knight

Reader, many of you know what it is like to be alone;
who may even now be feeling deeply lonely. May you
be enabled to enter into the "secret of thy presence."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thy Way, Not Mine

Pray for us...that the Lord thy God may show 
us the way wherein we may walk, and the thing
that we may do.  Jeremiah 42:2,3

Thy way, not mine, O Lord,
However dark it be!
Lead me by Thine own hand.
Choose out the path for me.

Smooth let it be or rough,
It will be still the best;
Winding or straight, it leads
Right downward to Thy rest

I dare not choose my lot;
I would not if I might;
Choose Thou for me, my God,
So shall I walk aright.

Take Thou my cup, and it
With joy or sorrow fill,
As best to Thee may seem;
Choose Thou my good or ill:

Choose Thou for me my friends,
My sickness or my health;
Choose Thou my cares for me,
My poverty or wealth.

Not mine, not mine the choice,
In things or great or small;
Be Thou my strength,
My wisdom and my all.
Horatius Bonar  1808-89

Reader, our lives are made up of boredom, excite-
ment, "suddenlies," and hard work in between. I
just finished a whirl-wind week of family where
12-20 gathered at the table each day--then the si-
lence of just two. It is good to go back to scripture,
back to Jeremiah, and be reminded that God has
the script. He wants us to trust Him all our days.
He plans delightful surprises on the way:

Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude
of the heavenly host praising God...Luke 2:13

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, 
and with the trump of God: and the dead in 
Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive 
and remain shall be caught up together with 
them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: 
and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Where-
fore comfort one another with these words.
I Thessalonians 4:16-18

Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Delight in Weaknesses

That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses,
in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.
For when I am weak, then I am strong. 
2 Corinthians 12:10

The literal translation of this verse adds a startling em-
phasis to it, allowing it to speak for itself with power 
we have probably never realized. It is as follows: 
"Therefore I take pleasure in being without strength, 
being insulted, experiencing emergencies, and being 
chased and forced into a corner for Christ's sake; for
when I am without strength, I am dynamite."

The secrete of knowing God's complete sufficiency is 
in coming to the end of everything in ourselves and 
our circumstances. Once we reach this point, we will 
stop seeking sympathy for our difficult situation or ill 
treatment, because we will recognize these things as 
the necessary conditions for blessings. We will then 
turn from our circumstances to God, realizing they are 
the evidence of Him working in our lives.  
A B Simpson

Well, reader, 2 Corinthians 12 keeps coming up in my
life. In the past week so many things have transpired
that I never thought I would see in this country. We
are not of this world, but we are of the invisible king-
dom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

George Matheson says this: "Teach me, O Lord, to 
glory in my cross. Teach me the value of my thorns. 
Show me how I have climbed to You through the path 
of pain. Show me it is through my tears I have seen 
my rainbows.

Maranatha, dear friends. It is all good, because He is
all good and He is coming for His Bride!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


He answered nothing. Mark 15:3

There is no scene in all the Bible more majestic
than our Savior remaining silent before the men
who were reviling Him. With one quick burst of
divine power, or one fiery word of rebuke, He
could have caused His accusers to be laid pros-
trate at His feet. Yet He answered not one word,
allowing them to say and do their very worst.
He stood in the power of stillness--God's holy
silent Lamb.

There is a place of stillness that allows God the
opportunity to work for us and gives us peace.
It is a stillness that ceases ours scheming, self-
vindication, and the search for temporary means
to an end through our own wisdom and judge-
ment. Instead, it lets God provide an answer,
through His unfailing and faithful love, to the
cruel blow we have suffered.
A B Simpson  1843-1919

Reader, now what about the silence part? How
difficult it is to find silence in our day. I would
our time as the noisy generation. Even the mu-
sic at church on Sunday is often loud and in-

About the author. There is a little booklet I came
across written by AB Simpson that has become a
favorite of mine. The title is HIMSELF. It is avail-
able at the end of the biography below. It will so
encourage you as it shows just how mighty and
loving our Lord Jesus is.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Last or First?

But many who are first will be last, and many who
are last will be first.  Matthew 19:30

We need God's power to be little.
John Darby--1800-1882

Darby was a both prolific writer and teacher and 
was a leader among the Plymouth Brethren. His 
influence on subjects such as the deeper life and
Bible prophecy have influenced millions of

Reader, how often do I want to look around the
screen--so to speak-- to see how I am doing?
Don't we all want to be great in the eyes of God?
How about impressing the herd? Yuk--but it is
indeed true.

I looked at several biographies and chose this
one for those who want to look deeper. I read
a book that highlighted a three year period in
Darby's life when he was sick and in that time
he studied the Bible extensively. All of the bio's
emphasize that he was the first person to teach
a pre-tribulation rapture, but if you go back into
the first two hundred years, you find that the
church fathers preached and wrote about the Jews
returning to the land, a rapture, the rebuilding of
the temple, the anti-christ, the Second Coming
and the Millennium. Darby did not invent these
things. He found them in his study of the Bible.
What was there all along was revealed to him.
(By the way, Darby wrote down these findings
three years before he met a woman named Mc-
Donald, who, it turns out, did not even believe in
a Rapture. She is credited with influencing Darby
in this regard.)


Monday, June 25, 2018

God's Rest

There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people
of God; for anyone who enters God's rest also rests
from his own work, just as God did from his.
Hebrews 4:9-10

It is this resting from their own work which many
Christians cannot understand. They think of it as a 
state of passive and selfish enjoyment, of still con-
templation which leads to the neglect of the duties 
of life, and undermines the watchfulness and war-
fare to which Scripture calls us. 

Yet, this is an entire misunderstanding of God's call
to rest. The Almighty God is the only source of pow-
er. In nature He works all. In grace He waits to work 
all too, if man will but consent and allow. Truly to 
rest in God is to yield oneself up to the highest ac-
tivity. We work, because He works in us to will and 
to do.

Jesus as the High Priest is the One who can bring 
us in living union with Himself into that place of rest
and love, and, by His Spirit within us, making that 
life of heaven a reality and an experience.
Andrew Murray 1828-1917, a South African
clergyman who strongly influenced the missionary
movement to South Africa. He is largely remem-
bered for his many devotional books, still in print
today and still strong sellers.

A great many people have the faith that seeks, but
they have not a faith that rests. The Lord Jesus is
here, rest in Him, let the burden go. 
"Lord, I trust you now. I abide in you now. Lord, as 
I think about my home problems, my business pres-
sures, my personal difficulties in every sphere of 
life, I bring them all, and give them all to You." 
Believe that He keeps you. I am sure this rest of 
faith is the center of all activity.   
Evan Hopkins was a vicar from Richmond in Surrey
England. His ministry changed as he appropriated
the truths of God's grace he'd heard. Later he was
to be widely used in the Keswick movement as a
popular Bible teacher.

Reader, I find Hebrews 4 to be slightly unsettling. I
don't think that this modern age has any idea of the
"rest" that seems to be so important to God.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the
Lord's glory, are being transformed into his like-
ness with ever-increasing glory, which comes
from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18

The majority of active members in our sound churches 
today are primarily doers; their chief concern is to 
work for the Lord. But, service being the emphasis of 
their life, they are, for the most part motivated by self.

We must all learn, sooner or later, that the result of 
every form of self-effort is nothing but a barren waste, 
a spiritual Death Valley. Our growth is bound to falter 
and dry up when service is predominantly in the life, 
especially in the formative years.

Conversely, when growth in Christ is given first place, 
service will never suffer. Furthermore, our life work 
will be accomplished in His time and in His way--and 
that without physical, mental, or spiritual breakdown.

The tragedy of the church is the service-centered be-
liever has little or no concern for spiritual growth, 
other than enough development and training for what 
he considers to be fruitful service. Naturally altruistic, 
he is appalled at the thought of placing growth ahead 
of outreach. The activist rarely seems to become aware 
of the sin of self, of the necessity of the Cross in his 
life, or of God's purpose for him to be conformed to 
the image of Christ.

There are many believers who feel that the chief pro-
blem in our congregations is the existence of an over-
whelming number of pew parasites. But, on the other 
hand, the vast army of busy-bee workers in our midst 
constitutes a comparable problem. Both doing nothing, 
and doing too much, are a hindrance to God's purpose. 
His will for the Christian is expressed in the word 
"being," which in turn will result in effective "doing."
Miles Stanford 1914-1999

Reader, being part of a church can be an exhausting
experience for most committed Christians. We want
to be accepted and well thought of. Right? As I look
back on my life at all of the temptations to be busy,
I understand how Lyme Disease played an essential
role. I was simply too exhausted to play the game well.
God continues to have me on a short tether where I am
given the strength to do only what He is asking of me.

Miles Stanford certainly laid it out in the short para-
graphs above. The verse at the top is a verse that one
can wallow in...

Thursday, June 21, 2018


"We rest on Thee"--our Shield and our Defender!
We go not forth alone against the foe;
Strong in Thy strength, safe in Thy keeping tender,
"We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go."

Yea, "in Thy Name," O Captain of salvation!
In Thy dear Name, all other names above;
Jesus our Righteousness, our sure Foundation,
Our Prince of glory and our King of love.

"We go" in faith, our own great weakness feeling,
And needing more each day Thy grace to know:
Yet from our hearts a song of triumph pealing;
"We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go."

"We rest on Thee"--our Shield and our Defender!
Thine is the battle, Thine shall be the praise
When passing through the gates of pearly splender,
Victors--we rest with Thee through endless days.
Ruth G Cherry--could not find any stats on her

Reader, This hymn is the hymn of the week for me.
It is written to the tune of Be Still, My Soul, which
is also a winner:

Be still my soul: the hour is hastening on
When we shall be forever with the Lord,
When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone,
Sorrow forgot, loves purest joys restored.
Be still my soul: when change and tears are past,
All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.
Katharina Von Schlegel

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Greatly Rejoice

Wherein you greatly rejoice, though now for a 
season, if needs be, you are in heaviness through
manifold temptations. 1 Peter 1:6

Receive every inward and outward trouble, every
disappointment, pain, uneasiness, temptation, 
darkness and desolation with both hands as a true
opportunity and blessed occasion of dying to 
self, and entering into fuller fellowship with thy
self-denying and suffering Savior. Look at no
inward or outward trouble in any other way. Re-
ject every other thought about it, then every kind
of trial and distress will be the blessed day of
thy prosperity.    William Law1680-1761
Law was an English writer whose major work
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life con-
tinues to inspire Christians today.

Faith must pass through the furnace--it will not
do to say that we trust in the Lord, we must prove
that we do, and that when everything is against
us. CH Mackintosh 1820-1896
Was one of the early and most prolific Brethren
writers. Still widely read. 

Reader, this seems to be a season where many are
in heaviness due to various trials. It takes me back
to a very great trial as a college student where I
came to the point of blessing those who had deep-
ly hurt me. The result was joy unspeakable and
a relationship that is precious even today.

That was a one time event of somewhat short dura-
tion, but many find themes of suffering which seem
to be part of their lives in this world.