Friday, April 6, 2018

Then Came a Lion

Then there came a lion. 1 Samuel 17:34

It is a source of inspiration and strength to us to re-
member how the youthful David trusted God.
Through his faith in the Lord, he defeated a lion
and a bear and later overthrew the mighty Goliath.
When the lion came to destroy his flock, it came 
as a wonderful opportunity for David. Had he fal-
tered, he would have missed God's opportunity 
for him and probably would never have been the 
Lord's chosen king of Israel.

Normally we think of a lion not as a special bles-
sing from the Lord but only as a reason for alarm.
Yet the lion was God's opportunity in disguise.
Every difficulty and every temptation that comes
to us, if received correctly, is God's opportunity.

When a "lion" comes to your life, recognize it as
an opportunity from the Lord, no matter how fierce
it may outwardly seem. Even the tabernacle of God 
was covered with badger skins and goat hair. No 
one would think there would be any glory there, yet 
the Shechinah glory of God was very evident unde-
rneath the covering. May the Lord open our eyes to 
see Him in temptations, trials, dangers, and misfor-
tunes. CHP 

Reader, nothing can come into our lives that is not
first passed through our God who surrounds us. In
these last days we have the opportunity to lay down
our lives for the One who laid down His life for us.
Trials seem to be piling up. I do not have a large
readership but almost daily someone tells me that
a blog was helpful. We need one another for lone-
liness is a big thing for many of my readers.

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