Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Than You Know

Though John never performed a miraculous sign, 
all that John said about this man was true.
John 10:41

Perhaps you are very dissatisfied  with yourself. You 
are not a genius, have no distinctive gifts, and are in-
conspicuous when it comes to having any special a-
bilities. Mediocrity seems to be the measure of your 
existence. None of your days are noteworthy, except
for their sameness and lack of zest. Yet in spite of 
this you may live a great life.

John the Baptist never performed a miracle, but Jesus
said of him, "Among those born of women there is no
one greater." (Luke 7:28) His mission was to be "a wit-
ness to the light." That may be your mission and mine.
John was content to be only a voice, if it caused people
to think of Christ.

We are doing more good than we know. The things we 
do today--sowing seeds or sharing simple truths of
Christ--people will someday refer to as the first things
that prompted them to think of Him. For my part, I will
be satisfied not to have some great tombstone over my
grave but to know that common people will gather there
once I am gone and say, "He was a good man. He never
performed any miracles, but he told me about Christ, 
which led me to know Him for myself. George Matheson

Reader, the purpose of the Church is "To make Christ
known." I am asking God to give me opportunities to
share Him who loves each one I meet. The news is not
very good these days and we do not know how much
time we have on earth--and Jesus could come for His
bride at any time. That alone is motivating me to be-
come more proactive in sharing my faith with strangers.

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