Sunday, June 11, 2017

Real Food

I have meat that ye know not of...My meat is to do the 
will of him that sent me...  John 4:32,34

God has so created us that a sense of hunger impels us to 
seek food.

"Bless the Lord...who satisfies thy mouth with good 
things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles." 
Psalm 103:1,5
"He satisfies the longing soul" Psalm 107:9

Feeding on the will of God gives this Divine satisfaction. 
Doing that will leads us into a wonderful fellowship and 
partnership with Himself. But that means more than just 
doing what is right or keeping the law. It is only when 
we do it as "the will of the Father"--in the sense of His 
presence, in fellowship with Himself, and in the loving 
desire to please Him--that it will give nourishment, 
strength, and satisfaction to the soul. 

Murray goes on to say this:
The believer has the same eternal life that was in 
Jesus Christ..., but he needs the same daily food.

Pray for a great hunger for the will of God--as naturally 
and continually as you pray for your daily bread. 
Beg God to show you His will for you, and enable you 
to do it for Him. Then you can say: "I have meat to eat 
that ye know not of"--the will of the Father made known 
and performed today.' Andrew Murray

Reader, the more I get into this book, the more I realize
that I may look overweight, but, in fact, I am starving!

Print out the prayer above and put it in a place where
you will see it to pray frequently. God is able to do His
will through you. It is not a striving thing...

For those who are interested in how prophetic things
are progressing, I am posting the Informed Christians
You Tube site below. Save it. The last couple of videos
are very helpful in understanding where we are.

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