Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Obedience Leads to Faith

If any man will to do his will he shall know of the
doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak
of myself. (John 7:17)

When man really knows the teaching is from God--has 
both the truth and power of God in it--it becomes easy
for him to believe it, and he receives its fulfillment. To 
all believers who really long to have these promises
shine with Divine light in their hearts, Christ's message
comes today: it all depends on whether or not you really 
want to do the will of God. 

The great reason why so many pray for an increase of
faith and never get it is that "the will to do His will,"
has never taken place. The will rules the life, and is the
index of the heart. The whole man is to be judged by 
the will. Unless there is fixed resolve--a seeking with
the whole heart to do the will of God--there can be no
growth of faith, and no knowledge of the Divine truth
to which it gives access. It is only as God's will is truly
and fully embraced in the doing, that God can reveal
Himself to me.

Here is the way to a strong and joyful life. Unite your-
self to the will of God. It will unite you to Him, and it
will draw Him to you. Union with Him is perfected by
doing the Father's will. The life of God is given in
Christ, revealed and perfected by the will of God, as 
it is willed and done by us.  
Andrew Murray; God's will: our dwelling place

Reader, this book sat on my desk for weeks. I did not
want to read it, nor did I want to take my blogs from it.
You see, I not only did not want to be challenged, but I
feared that those who are reading my blogs, would drop
off. The content is old fashioned as is the message. I
made a decision to do His will even if no one read the
message. As we go through this book together, I am
blessed and so are many of you!

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