Thursday, June 29, 2017

God Working

Now the God of peace...make you perfect in every good
thing to do his will, working in you that which is well
pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ: to whom be
glory for ever and ever--Hebrews 13:20-21

In Hebrews, we have three passages on the will of God. 
The first, Heb 10:7-10, spoke of that will and Christ's 
doing of it, as the cause of our redemption--the deep 
root in which our life stands. The second, Heb 10:36, 
spoke of that will as done patiently by us, amid the 
trials of this earth. The third shows us the wondrous 
bond of union between the two former. The same God 
who worked out his will in Christ for our redemption 
is working out that will in us too. What God did in 
Christ is the pledge of what He will do in us. Christ's 
doing the will of God secures our doing that will too. 

"Working in you that which is well-pleasing in His
sight," through Jesus Christ. The connection between
our doing and God's working is wonderful. He prepares 
us in every good thing to do His will, so that the doing 
of it is really our work, and yet at the same time it is 
His own working in us. God fits us for the work, and 
then works through us. And so it is all of God!

Three lessons:
The first is: 
The one object of the great redemption is to make us 
ready to do God's will on earth. For that we were 
created; that was God's image and likeness in us. 
That was our fitness for fellowship with God, and the 
participation in HIs rule of the world to which we are 
destined. The failure in so many Christian lives is 
simply due to this--the Church has not clearly and 
persistently preached the great message that all God's 
wondrous grace has this one object: to restore us to 
the original glory of our creation, and make it our life 
to do His will.

The second lesson:
We can do God's will because God Himself prepares 
us for it, working in us that which is pleasing in His 
sight. The call to do God's will is negated by the un-
belief that says: It cannot be; I cannot do it. 
God has given you a renewed will, capable of know-
ing, desiring, and even delighting in His will. But
you are not capable of doing it in your own strength.
He Himself prepares us to do His will.

The third lesson:
Our great need and duty, is to bow before God in
continual humility and dependence. We must ask to
fully know our utter inability, and to seek to trust
confidently His power to work in us. And, His power 
cannot work freely and fully in us except He dwells 
in us, abides in us. Jesus said, I delight to do Thy will. 
Oh, let us turn with new consecration to do all God's 
will, and with a new faith in God, receive His grace 
to work that will in and through us. Andrew Murray

Reader, "all God's wondrous grace has this one object:
to restore us to the original glory of our creation, and
make it our life to do His will."
You hear that on a weekly basis, don't you?
Oh, how equipped we would be to serve God if we
knew the glory of His work in and through us. We
settle for so little because we have such a little God.

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