Friday, June 2, 2017

God's Will

What is God's will? (Have I lost you all ready?)
How many times have I heard that question?
How often through the years have I agonized over
that question. Recently I pulled from my library a
book written in the 19th century by a theologian
who died a long time ago.

God's Will
my dwelling place
by Andrew Murray

From the back cover:
Have you ever longed to nestle in the arms of God's
love, knowing that He had reserved a place for you
to be with Him always?

This is the heart cry of many Christians who deeply
yearn for a close fellowship with the Father, dwelling
with Him even as Jesus did while He lived on earth.

With great insight, Andrew Murray shares the secret
of establishing this same vibrant relationship that
Jesus had: it is by knowing and doing the will of the

If you want to find strength with rest, joy with fruit-
fulness, and peace with provision, there is only one
place for you to be: in the very center of God's will!

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