Monday, June 12, 2017


I can of myself do nothing...
John 5:30 (Jesus is doing the speaking here)

When our Lord became man, He told us the whole
secret of His life: the yielding of Himself to do the 
will of the Father. He counted on God to give Him 
wisdom and the strength He needed to work out the 
will of God within Him. If we truly desire to follow,
however distantly, in christ's footsteps, we must 
stand with Him in the same close relationship with
the Father. We need a sense of presence and near-
ness of the God whose will we are to do as much 
as our Lord needed it. If you separate the thing you 
have to do from Him whose will it is, then it be-
comes a burden and an impossibility.

Live in the faith He has given you. The will of the
Father is such a beautiful, wise, gentle, living thing. 
To know it as the breathing out of the heart of God 
makes it an infinite attraction and delight.
(Andrew Murray) 

Reader, as I read these words I find a longing within
to be attached to the Father heart of God. Don't give
up. It is only by failure that we learn that He must
do it all.

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