Friday, June 9, 2017

Pleasing God

Whosoever shall do the will of my father which is in 
heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and
mother.  Matthew 12:50

How many long for a more intimate fellowship with 
the Lord Jesus? Come, turn to the blessed Lord Him-
self, and let Him tell you His open secret. The way 
into the most intimate union with Christ is very simple. 
It is doing the will of His Father. Of the one who does 
this Jesus says, 
"The same is my brother, and sister and mother."

Jesus came as a man to prove the blessedness and the 
glory of doing the will of the Father. This was what 
lay at the root of His power to conquer sin, to satisfy 
God, to save us. Doing the will of God is the only way 
possible, on earth or in heaven, of pleasing Him.

The difference between the law of God and the will 
of the Father is this: The law is given by a ruler and 
has no power to secure obedience; the will of the 
Father is a personal, loving communication in which 
the Father's voice and presence are known. 

Be transfigured by one thought:
"Like Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus 
I live to do the Father's will, 
and as you fail or fear to fail, 
just whisper: 
"O, my Lord, my Elder Brother, 
You and I are one 
in doing the Father's will."
Andrew Murray

Reader, I am re-thinking just what it means to be
a disciple of Christ, to be intimately related to the
Father. I find the words of Andrew Murray to be
captivating. His prayer above is so simple.

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