Monday, April 25, 2016

Was Moses Real?

Perhaps many of you grew up hearing the story of
Moses and how his mother hid him among the reeds
of the Nile River. Then you saw the movie where
Moses parted the Red Sea and the mountain where
Moses received the Ten Commandments. Could you
identify with any of that? After all it was over 3500
hundred years ago.

Hebrews 11:23-27 gives a focus not found in the
story of Exodus. Moses was a unique baby and his
parents knew it. In great faith they hid him for three
months and then let him go into a system where
Jewish babies were in great danger: the kings palace,
that same king who had ordered all Jewish boy babies
to be killed. Moses grew into a very unusual young
man. The invisible God was real to him! More real
than the world Moses lived in.

"He considered the reproach of Christ greater 
wealth than the treasures of Egypt."

Reproach greater wealth? Do those words even fit

That attitude landed him in the desert of Arabia for
40 years. Heat, barren land, bleating sheep, and no
friends or family. Moses did not wither away. How
did he thrive long term in unmoving, unchanging
circumstances? The scripture says this:

"He endured as seeing him who is invisible."

Reader, as I wait for my redemption, my Redeemer,
in the midst of trials, I must take time each day to
focus on the invisible One, who calls me to endure
in the light of the rewards of endurance.

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