Friday, April 22, 2016

Are You a Turkey?

Yesterday's blog focused on Identity and who you
are apart from what you do. Question: Do you as
a Christian say that you are a 'sinner saved by
grace,' or do you see yourself as a saint who
sometimes sins? Is your identity positional or
based on what you do? These are key questions.
Most who say they are Christians believe that
their identity is in what they do rather than who
they are in Christ. If you do not believe that Jesus
gave you a new heart at salvation, that you are still
a sinner, you will live a defeated Christian life.
Think about the turkey. He pecks on the ground,
gobbles, and constantly looks down. Before new
birth we were all turkeys. But we were transformed
into eagles when God rushed into our lives. Eagles
live high in the craggy mountains or trees, they
soar, they see from afar. However, if the eagle
thinks he is a turkey he will never leave the ground.
If you as a Christian do not realize that a complete
heart transplant was done at your salvation, you
will look at the ground and wish you could fly--
and then you will take flying lessons!!!!

I just read this over again. It has taken me ten
years to grasp the fact of the following verses:

In Adam--All are born of Adam
The first man Adam became a living soul 
       1Cor 15:45
As in Adam all die... 1Cor 15:22

In Christ
The last Adam...a life-giving spirit 1Cor 15:45
In Christ shall all be made alive 1Cor 15:22
The new man...created in righteousness and
      holiness of truth. Eph 4:24
The new man Col 3:10
In the likeness of his resurrection Rom 6:5
Our old man was crucified Rom 6:6

Dearest reader, I pray that the Lord will give you
eyes to see and you will discover you can fly
because you are indeed, an eagle.

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