Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Time for Tea

In the past few months in particular I have been struck by
the lateness of the hour. The messages have been coming
from the "other side," much more than from the Christian
side. The purpose of this post is to whet your appetite for
more information on a subject that is very much front and

Our world was created in six days and then on the seventh
day, God rested. Jewish scholars have long thought that the
world would last 6,000 years. The end of the 6,000 years is
thought to be 2025, less than nine years away! If this is so,
then we should expect that the Enemy would be getting
things ready for his seven year reign, and letting his dis-
ciples know what to expect. How would He do this?
Movies, Olympic shows, Super Bowl half times, ads, the
use of symbols, and through the UN, which recently saw
the signing of the Climate Treaty in Paris. The opening talk
included this statement, "An upheaval and massive 
change is required now--one that leads to collective 
consciousness. A new collective evolution of the human 
race inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency from all 
of you."
Moon said, "in the significance of the landmark climate 
accord, governments made a covenant with the future." 

This movie trailer for X-Men Apocalypse just came out:
It announced the Master Plan intended for man-kind. It
included pillars, open doorways, a capped pyramid, RNA
recombination when a soul-less man received a soul and
became a beast. He was no longer human, but a beast. A
verbal message was given:
"Just because there isn't war, doesn't mean there is peace--
He's coming!" 
Who is coming? The Anti-Christ! This trailer included
things like nuclear war, destruction of mankind, and hinted
at changes in times and dimensions.

If you want to explore just what has been taking place in
the month of April, as well as a blog called "Cern, Time,
and the Bible," check out this website:

Daniel is a master of pulling scripture out to back up what
is being seen in our world today. His focus is on getting the
Bride ready for her Groom. The hour is truly late and we
need to watch and be sober. We need to ask God how we
should live in light of the urgency of the hour. If the seven
year tribulation has to start by 2018--but could be sooner--,
then is not our Lord ready to snatch His Bride from the
coming holocaust? No, we don't know the day or the hour,
but our Lord said we could know the season of His return.

Reader, are you ready? Do you know Him as Savior and
Lord. Has His blood washed you clean? Are you watching
for Him?  See Matthew 24 and 25.

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