Monday, April 18, 2016

Coming to Jesus

"Come to Me..."
Matt 11:28

"When you hear those words, you will know that 
something must happen in you before you can come. 
The Holy Spirit will search out that one immovable 
stronghold within you, but He cannot budge it unless 
you are willing to let Him do so."  (OC)

What is a stronghold? It is a fortified place that grows
when sin is not repented of.

Many years ago I started watching a Christian soap
opera. The thing itself was not a problem but the
hold it had on me was. I was building my schedule
around the daily program. God was speaking but
I did not listen. A dear friend asked me a question as
we lay in a dark room during a conference. With
baited breath, Cheryl asked,  "is there anything God
is asking you not to do? In the stillness, in the
darkness, I could feel a Presence, a pressure. It broke
me and it broke the stronghold to which I was
addicted. The outcome? I was once again able to
come to Jesus without fear; intimacy was

Reader, talk to Him and ask Him if there is anything
that is keeping you separated from Love.

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