Friday, April 29, 2016

Two Young Men

I am so impressed with the young men God is raising
up to speak to their generation in a way that my
generation is incapable of--well, most of us! Two
blogs ago I shared information collected from
Daniel Valles who has designed a unique website
and blog called, "informed Christians." It is full of
You Tube videos, charts, and helpful printouts. The
research Daniel does is impressive and he must
spend hours on each of his blogs. His degree is in
computer designing, so he recognizes shop cuts,
additions and deletions in videos and pictures.
Everything he does is Biblically based! He never
makes predictions but he does show the lateness
of the hour!

The second young man of 35 became a Christian one
afternoon after his Mom told God she was finished
trying to reach her son and turned him over to God.
Matt did a 180 and has an unusual gift for seeing
God's sovereignty in everything! He takes a current
event and shows how God was in the mix. I realize
just how old I am when material I have a hard time
understanding, is understood as life changing to the
generation of my children and grandchildren, who
so desperately need a God who is there and who is
active in the events of men!

I will give the web addresses again so you can go in
and poke around. They need the prayers of those of us
who have prayed for God to raise up men for such a
time as this.

Those of you who are working with youth may want
to introduce these sites and let your guys wrestle with
truth that they need to grasp.

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