Friday, April 8, 2016

The Harlot

It is early spring and the Israelites are preparing to enter
the Promised Land. They send out two spies who go
into Jericho and are given shelter and cover by a young
woman named Rahab. The harlot has heard of the
exploits of this army and she knows that their God is
greater than all of the other gods. Rahab asks for
protection for she knows her city is doomed. The spies
tell her to put out the scarlet rope and to make sure her
relatives are with her when the attack comes. Now is a
period of waiting, checking to make sure the rope is
hanging outside the wall, and the gathering of the
family. She watches the army march around the walls
one time and go back to camp. Nothing happens.
the army marches six times--how hard it was to wait--
but on the seventh time the army marches seven times
around the city and the walls fall, but the promise is
kept. Rahab and her family are taken out before all in
the city are killed. Go and read the narrative yourself.
Rahab the Harlot had great faith, amazing faith, that
leads to incredible blessing! Joshua 2:1-24;6:1-25

Two days ago was the anniversary of the fall of Jericho--
but I'm not sure what anniversary. I am reminded, not
only of God's protection but also of something much
greater. Rahab became the wife of Salmon, who is
in the line of our Savior!

Reader, God put a gentile woman, a harlot, into His
pedigree! We gentiles were never outside of the love
and purposes of our God. If He can use a harlot to
accomplish His purposes, why cannot He not use you!

Again, we are looking at the theme of redemption. I
don't want to lose sight of that because there is a day
coming when Jesus will catch us out of the world and
consummate the marriage to His bride. It may not be far
off. Ask God to show you the things in your life that
are a hindrance in your relationship with Him, and allow
Him to be your chief vision! Rahab had to let go of
everything in order to receive everything!

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