Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Will I Know?

"Jesus answered and said, 'I thank you, Father...
that You have hidden these things from the wise 
and prudent and have revealed them to babes.'"
Matthew 11:25

All of God's revealed truths are sealed until they 
are opened to us through obedience. Even the 
smallest bit of obedience opens heaven, and the 
deepest truths of God immediately become ours.

How many of us cringe at the word, 'obedience.'
I know it is a word I hated for years. One of the
reasons it was so hateful was because as a child I
could not seem to do it right. Even in the trying to
please through obedience, I got things wrong. It is
not that way with God. As soon as we choose to
do a thing, all the powers of heaven are at our
disposal, and with it comes a deeper understanding
of our great God. As I grow older I find that God
is so much undertaking my paltry doings, that
obedience becomes a delightful way to live. How
I wish I had understood the Father heart of God
much sooner. It is the gateway to life and

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