Monday, August 31, 2015


I love to have people come into my home and stay a few
days. Recently a friend from Virginia flew into Boise to
spend a week with us. Dee was not a good friend, was
not interested in God. We did not have much in common.
The day Dee arrived smoke from several big fires moved
into the valley. We were not able to tour the sites in this
beautiful state. Smoke got in our eyes! The week before
her arrival I begged God to keep Dee home. He said 'no.'
Dee arrived on time, left on time and God provided what
I needed to love and bless her. When I dropped her off at
the airport on the eighth day, Dee told me that this had been
a very special week for her. Well, Amen.

Reader, God has been landscaping the verse that details
how 'God's glory is manifested in us when we exchange
our weakness for His strength.' Have you noticed how very
practical He is? He gives us truth and then He gives us the
opportunities to walk it out!

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