Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Party Time!

Reader, are you beginning to tire of the subject of
comfort? I want that word to come alive deep in
your soul. Think of Snoopy who loves to dance
to the scorn of Lucy. Those of us who are free
can receive God's comfort; those of us who are
bound in religion not only cannot receive, but
frown on dancing!

Our Papa God is the God of mercies and the
God of all comfort. This Papa God is the One
who brings comfort to us in our trials and this
begins the explosion of comfort into the lives
of others. You can look at the teachings and
the lives of the leaders of the many religions
out there and comfort is no where to be found.
The leaders have nothing to give but austerity,
rules, and false peace.

So, bring out the balloons, the trumpets, the
strings, drums and the food. It is time to party!

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