Monday, August 17, 2015

The Waiting

To wait is to stay or rest in expectation and patience.
To stop, remain stationary, not depart until His arrival.

"I waited patiently for the Lord." (Ps 40:1)

How very very difficult it is to wait for the Lord,
let alone wait with patience. He is never late, but
He is rarely early. Lyme Disease took me out of
action for years. It took my brain, my energy, my
relationships, and it stole my time. I watched from
a distance busy, productive lives, honors given,
opportunities lost. Waiting on God is not passive,
but an action. Really? Victory is won by standing
still knowing that the God of mercy and comfort
is orchestrating all that touches us. It is knowing
that God is not only in control but that He can be
trusted. It is the action of absolute surrender in the
dark night of the soul.

God worked deeply in me through the years of
weakness and brokenness. It took time, lots of
time for true contentment to come.

Reader, dear reader, "Be still and know that He
is God."  (Psalm 46)

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