Monday, August 10, 2015

Deeply Grieved

In the last post we looked at the wonder of a
30 week, freshly born, baby. Makenzie has
all of her parts, hair, beautiful fingers, a tiny
bow of a mouth, and, she is clutching her
Mom's finger. What a little miracle in every
way. (I looked at a good many pictures.)

On the one hand I rejoice that this wee one is
getting all she needs to bloom and grow, but,
on the other hand, unborn babies of the same
age are being ripped out of safe warm places
and their body parts then sold for money! How
can this be? Each is special, formed by God
and treasured by Him. It so deeply grieves me.
Who are we to despise and dispose of the
intricate handiwork of God, one made in his

Perhaps it is because the modern age has
disposed of God.

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