Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aspen Trees

"And the (seed) in the good soil, these are the
ones who have heard the word in an honest
good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with
perserverance." (Luke 8:15)

One of the things I enjoyed about living in
Colorado were the Aspen trees. The leaves
turned gold in the fall and spun in the wind.
Did you know that the Aspen does not have
seeds but is spawned from another Aspen? A
whole forest can come from one tree. In this
grove some of the trees are huge, some spindly
and some weak or even dead, yet everyone of
them grows from one root. Why the difference?
No one knows. However, the greatest of the
trees tend to fall in the winter storms and then
become food for the deer.

Reader--Our Jesus is that tree planted in the
ground which gives life to His kids. Some of
us seem weak, some very strong but all of us
receive nourishment from the same source.
Storms come to all. "Paul says to let our roots 
grow down deep into Him." The bigger we
get, the more depth we need. 

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