Thursday, August 13, 2015


"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is 
made perfect in weakness. (2Cor 12:9)

I have become captivated by weakness! Perhaps it
is because of some chronic physical issues and also
aging. Weakness is definitely in the ascendancy!
I have a book that addresses this subject in a
marvelous way. It is called:
My Weakness for His Strength, by Michael Wells.
So, for the next few weeks I will be digging into
this book as background for my blogs. I hope this
journey with you is helpful in your Christian walk.

You see, Paul discovered that power is perfected
in man's weakness, not in man's strength. There
is something about the flesh of man that desires
to give to God and receive in return. If I say that
I have done great things because I had great
inner strength, I would have something in which
to boast. However, the fact is that what He has
done in in my life and through my life really
has to do with my utter lack of ability to make
my life work. It is at my weakest that my God
shines forth!

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