Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fellowship of Suffering

"That I may know Him and the power of his
resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering..."

OK, what does the word 'fellowship' mean? It
means: 'A joint interest; companionship; association
of persons on equal terms; the state of being

Equal terms, companionship, a state of being
together--with God--in suffering????

Papa, I hate to suffer. I turn down the AC; I raise
the heat. I avoid conflict. I moan and groan over
being misunderstood. It is death to me. I want to
explain, fix, heal. Jesus did not shy away from his
humanness but in every way He was tempted as
I am, yet, He laid it all down; became like one of
us. He shared our suffering so He could have
fellowship with us, with me. But, what if I refuse
the path laid out before me which includes suffering?
Well, I will know about your Son, but I won't know
Him intimately. Suffering deeply ties us together.
Lord, I am not yet at that point of letting You call
the shots in this. It is hard for me to surrender, to
truly surrender.

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