Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Brown-eyed Girl

I read this story this morning and it caught my heart.

"The young brown-eyed girl looked up at her mother.
What would she decide?

Earlier that morning, the young girl's mother, their
pastor, and twenty-six others in her North Korean
village of GokSan were bound and taken before a
screaming crowd of Communists.

One of the guards ordered Pastor Kim and the other
Christians, "Deny Christ, or you will die." The
words chilled her. How could they ask her to deny
Jesus? She knew in her heart He was real. They all
quietly refused.

Then the Communist guard shouted directly at the
adult Christians, "Deny Christ or we will hang your
children." The young girl looked up at her mother.
She gripped her knowing how much her mom loved
her. Her mother then leaned down. With confidence
and peace she whispered, "Today, my love, I will
see you in heaven."

All of the children were hanged.

The remaining believers were then brought out onto
the pavement and forced to lie down in front of a
huge steamroller. The communists gave them one
last chance. "Deny this Jesus or you will be crushed."
The Christians had already given up their children;
there was no turning back.

As the driver started the heavy piece of equipment,
the singing from the villagers started softly. "More
love, O Christ, to thee, more love to thee."

I have no way to check this story but I do know
that last week, 33 believers were killed in
North Korea. I also know that the number of
Believers killed in the 20th century were more than
all of the centuries combined. Currently, eleven
Christians are martyred every hour of every day
around the world.

Dear reader, please take a moment to pray for
your brothers and sisters in hidden places who
are suffering for their faith in Jesus.

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