Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Lions have Sharp Teeth

The sixth chapter of Daniel has in it a very
familiar story. It is a story taught to us at an
early age and the words roll over our lips:
"Daniel and the lions den? Oh, yes I know
all about that!" But do we? What was it like
for an elderly Daniel who served as one of
the top leaders under King Darius, to suddenly
look in the face of death. His death.

"The king commanded, and Daniel was 
brought and cast immediately into the lions
den." (Daniel 6:16)

What was it that brought Daniel into the pit
of lion poop and sharp teeth? It was prayer.
He refused to change the habit of openly
praying to his God three times a day.
Daniel's open faithfulness to his God, and
to each king, got him into high places, but
also into to the lowest pit, where an ugly,
painful death awaited him. As I sit here
and ponder this story, I am asking God to
show you, dear reader, something new
about this story, something you have never
seen before.

Thankfulness corner:
The bathroom is toasty warm even at midnight.


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