Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aren't You Ready Yet?

Hurriedly I scribble the title to my blog. I write
a couple of sentences. What is all that noise in
the background? Never mind. I turn the page.
Two more sentences down. But what is this?
The sentences are mixed into an all ready full
sheet of paper. I flip back and can't find what
I had written. The noise increases as does the
pressure. Out of that background comes a
familiar Yolanda voice. "Jane, aren't you ready

Ah, it was only a dream. In a moment of waking I
fixed the title and fell back asleep. You see, I
don't have a blog ready for today. Each one takes
a couple of hours and we have to leave soon for an
appointment in Boise--75 miles away. I sit here
trying to be in this moment, when, even now I feel
the pressure to get this thing up! Well, I do have the
title for tomorrow's blog!

Thankfulness Corner:
Dawn. Full moon lights up the world.


yolanda said...

You're funny! You can move thousands of mikes away, but you can't escape me, Jane! Miss you.

Jane said...

How do you do it? Still connected with all my girl friends, even in my dreams...