Friday, March 7, 2014

Is God Able?

Is not this always the question? The three men are
pondering it in their hearts as the King says: "Is your
God able to deliver you from the fire?"

They respond by saying, "Our God is able to deliver
us, O King, but if He doesn't choose to do so, we 
will not serve your god! We would rather die."

What courage! What boldness!

I heard all about Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego
in Sunday School when I was a child. But I did
not feel the heat of the noonday sun or the heat of
the Kings wrath, or the heat of the furnace. These
were men, ordinary men, who got dressed in the
morning, who went to work each day, who treasured
their friendships. But they saw into the invisible.
They knew it was a test between gods, and they were
certain their God would win--even if it cost them their

Dear reader, the scripture is full of such battles, and
you know what? Our God always wins.

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