Monday, March 17, 2014

A Beast

Back to Daniel and chapter four! Don't quit, this is good!

In this chapter King Nebuchadnezzar is the writer. He
tells the dream and gives Daniel's interpretation along
with the outcome. In the interpretation Daniel tells the
king that unless he repents, horrible things are gonna'
happen to him. "He will be driven from men, and shall 
dwell with the beasts for seven years..." 

Fast forward one year. The King is on the roof of his
palace and boasting about all he has done. He takes all
the glory for this glorious sight; instantly he becomes
insane and is driven out of the castle and into the fields
where he lives like a beast for seven years. At the end of
this period, "He lifts up his eyes to heaven and his 
reason is restored, along with the glory of his kingdom, 
his majesty and splendor."

Dear reader,  Look what happened! God showed His
grace and mercy to one of the most vile of kings. It
took seven years, but the King humbled himself and
worshiped God, HIS God. Thirdly, he wrote out his
testimony for all to see. Talk about humility...

So, what is the point? If God can save this man, He can
save anyone. So, put away your fears and trust God.

Thanksgiving Corner:
the roar of the wind as it circles the house


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