Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rainbows and Hail

Glen, Jake and I headed south for an early evening walk.
What a beautiful sky! Rain had fallen most of the day;
now white billowy clouds caught the light of the western
sun. A brisk wind blew but I had dressed well. After
walking some distance--we can see for miles--Glen
looked over his shoulder then turned around shocked.
Behind us was one big weeping cloud over our house, and
coming our way. We started walking back--and then
stopped for just ahead of us and to the right was the most
colorful rainbow I have ever witnessed. We could see the
end of it, then the other end, with us in the middle of the
high arch. A second rainbow showed itself against the
darkening sky. We moved forward with difficulty for a
strong wind was sending tiny particles of ice against our
faces. As we watched the sky we saw white seagulls soaring
against the clouds as both headed south. The rainbows
stayed with us until the storm was over.

Dear reader, may God give you encouragement so that you
may find joy in the midst of hail and wind. Look for the
rainbow in the clouds.

Thankfulness Corner:
A most beautiful sunset--after the storm


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