Friday, March 21, 2014

As the Stomach Churns

A certain he and a certain she wanted a bed, a twin
bed, for the small, really small, third bedroom. She
had bought a brightly colored bed set for the bed.
The he, but mostly the she, searched for just the
right kind of bed. Everything seemed so expensive!
But wait, what about a platform bed with a foam
mattress? Soon she discovered just what she wanted,
only 12" high and 41 inches wide. A platform bed
with three little drawers. The bed was on sale and
came with free shipping. What a deal! She quickly
ordered the bed. 

He comes into the room with a tape measure.

He: "The twin bed won't fit."
She: "I just ordered the bed."
He: "What are those measurements again?"
She: (Grumble)--opens lap top and finds the info.
He: "We can take out the window and take it in that
She: "I have been talking about and looking for a twin
          bed for weeks now...."
He: "The hall upstairs is very narrow and the doorway
          to the room is very low."
She:  "Here"--she hands him the order #--"you find
            something suitable. What in the world have
            people been using for a bed for the last one
            hundred years!"

Dear reader, She is mad at he because the process
has been going on a long time and she thought she
had the perfect solution. She is also mad at the stupid
farmhouse for being so very small--as if one can be
mad at a thing! He is mad at she because she is
sounding so unreasonable.

What will be the outcome?
Will the grandson have a place to sleep?
Can this marriage be saved?

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of
"How the stomach churns."

Thankfulness Corner:
The lowing of the cattle in the distance--they don't
belong to me!


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