Friday, March 28, 2014


Algebra tests were a fiery trial for me. They tied me
in knots and I began to fail the tests. My homework
showed that I understood the problems, but fear of
failure immobilized me. My teacher recognized this
and after a tearful meeting in his office he told me
that on the next test he would give me a B no matter
what I did, and, if I got an A I could keep it. I got
a legitimate B on that test and an A on the following
one and ended the semester with a B average.

But this is not what God is talking about in the
verse I shared yesterday:

"Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when
it comes upon you, to test you..."

The trial in this verse indicates a sudden excruciating
event that pounces upon an unsuspecting individual
such as we saw with Daniel and his friends. There is
no time in the moment to prepare, but we are not to be
surprised. These trials are to be expected and God has
a purpose in sudden life changing events. My Algebra
teacher gave tests to see what we knew but perceived
that the test was not valid for me in this respect. God
has a different purpose. He wants to show me what He
all ready knows! He wants me to see whether my faith
in Him as a good, loving, compassionate Papa God, is
standing firm when everything in my life shouts: "NO!"

Thankfulness Corner:
The fullness of expectation for good
as I enter this new day.

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