Monday, April 22, 2013


The past few days have not been pretty. The ink had
barely dried on the miracle called, "Sophia,"when I
went into a blue funk. Lyme Disease has been more
active in the past few months which has affected my
energy and my brain, giving me a skewed interpretation
of things around me. It has affected relationships not
to mention other things that are not going my way.
Self-pity clothed in passivity has not only knocked but
has been given a place of residency! Makes it hard to
write a blog...

"Lord, I have been as a beast before You."

Today I made a choice to enter into His presence and
be quiet before Him. Peace descended. I did not have
"to do" anything to get back into His good graces;
to get back on a good footing with my dear friend. I
simply turned and looked toward the One who loves
me best, whose love is not determined by my behavior.
It has taken me most of my Christian life to realize that
My Papa God does not keep me at arms length until I have
done something to please Him. I am in Him and He is in
me, whether I sense His presence or not. A number of
years ago  a church put up a little ad on TV:

Does God seem far away?
Who do you think moved?

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