Tuesday, April 2, 2013


After Job interceded for his friends, God restored his
fortunes--and then doubled it.

Job's friends, family and neighbors came and told him how
sorry they were and consoled him with generous gifts.

He ended up with:
4,000 sheep
6,000 camels
1,000 team of oxen
1,000 donkeys
Seven sons and three daughters--the other seven are alive
and in heaven. (I guess his wife stuck with him through
it all.)

"Job lived another 140 years, living to see his children, 
and grandchildren--four generations of them!
Then he died, an old man, a full life."

Job never found out why he went through unbearable
suffering. He was not told of God's conversations with
Satan. God knew Job's heart. He knew that Job would
not deny Him--no matter what.
Satan lost, didn't he?
In the end he always loses.

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