Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God of Wonder

Recently we were having a season of very warm
weather which came on the heals of unseasonably
cold temperatures. The warm April days felt very
much like muggy July. Fortunately summer flowers
are in the shops and I have been digging and planting.
The Pansies planted in the fall are bursting with life
and color; all of the bulbs are blooming. It is amazing
to me that I can plant tiny wave Petunias and know
that they will grow quickly and soon spill over the sides
of the pots in a riot of color. Good soil, a little rain
and lots of sunshine brings life into the garden.

Last week was the birth of a beautiful little girl who
grew from a single cell in just nine months. Today I
see the beginning of promise in the roses, clematis,
and honeysuckle. God's creativity is always before
me, but often I fail to see it.

"Stop and consider God's wonders." (Job 37:14)

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