Friday, April 19, 2013

An Update on Sophia

As you know from a previous blog, Sophia, my great
granddaughter, was born with the diagnosis of Spina Bifida.
Not only that, but the opening in her back was rather large
and up high which indicates severe neurological damage
from the waist down. These kids need help walking, going
to the bathroom, often have kidney problems, hip problems
and once the hole is repaired many of them have to have a
shunt to drain off the fluid from the brain. On Wednesday
they did an MRI and yesterday her Mom got the results:

the doctors found zero problems!

Our great God protected her back throughout the pregnancy
and delivery. The hole was there and took two hours to close,
but all of her nerves were intact, her hips look good as do her
kidneys; no fluid was found either in her brain or around the
spinal cord. The Mother and baby will go home today.

My dear Papa, I am amazed by your power, your mercy, your
love for this wee one. Really, words fail me. You are so awesome!
I have heard of these miracles happening to others, but to actually
experience it for myself, upfront and personal, is something else
entirely. May Sophia grow in the love of God, and may her life
and testimony be a blessing to many! Amen and Amen. 

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